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Strangest things a teacher's said to YOU? Version 2.0

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    This wasn't to me, but last week my French teacher was like
    'I like children... Especially when they're cooked.'

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    My maths teacher once called me 'honey', and he doesn't like me much so the whole class started laughing. He freaked out and yelled "I'm sorry, for a second I thought I was talking to my wife!"

    ...much better. -_-

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    (Original post by lukeface)
    My old music teacher used to say to the girls in the class: "Open your legs wide and let the music flow out."
    This was posted a year ago and I'm still cracking up.
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    Apparently this is what my teacher said about me today when I wasn't in the classroom: "Oh, sometimes I do wonder what *my name's* on!"
    I was mortified when my friend told me later.
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    "You just open the flaps" then after seeing the weird looks off the class he said "I didn't mean it like that."
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    Have these facts up your *slave*.... You know what I mean, sleeve sleeve guys come on grow up :/ never will I see rave relations the same.

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Updated: March 31, 2014
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