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In your opinion, what's the worst thing about shopping?

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    At the moment, I think that the worst thing is when you see items that you've already bought full-price in the sales!
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    Going with someone else who sees something right at the beginning of the day. They then proceed to drag you around for another three hours only to return to the first shop and buy the first thing they saw!!
    The worst bit is the majority of the times they'll then return it later than week!!! :angry:

    re-reading this I didn't know I was that angry at going shopping haha
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    Queues and finding something nice but there's none in your size
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    Queues and crowds.
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    Jeans shopping. Trying to find a pair that doesn't make you look too fat/short and that aren't too long in the leg/too big in the waist and too small in the hips... Making sure they come up high enough on your body to be comfortable. Not being smothered in stitching on the back pockets... ARGH!
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    Other people. So irritating
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    People that decide that the day they're going to learn how to use the self-service checkout system is in fact, Boxing Day.

    That, and they have money off coupons, and multiple items that are non-scan.
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    The fact that I can't afford anything.
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    Queues and crowds.
    Definitely. Also, seeing a piece of clothing you like, only to find out that it´s not in your size anymore.
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    Not finding what you're looking for, long queues, Sundays (everything closes early :-/ ), shopping with someone who hates shopping and moans the whole time/ shopping with someone who shops for houuuurs
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    sale crowds! piss me off grrr
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    Pocket getting lighter..
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    Shop layouts have a tendency to set my headaches off.
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    My wallet always feels lighter
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    - Stores that 'don't do refunds' - I don't shop there, or very rarely. I'm looking at you, Office!
    - Sales assistants who don't know the sale of goods act
    - Sales assistants who think they're superior (esp in designer stores on on beauty counters). On £5 an hour? Don't think so.
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    The lack of respect some people show towards personal space, if they stand any closer they can climb in my pocket.
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    When you go into every shop looking for a particular item but getting the same answer everytime; "SOLD OUT!!!"
    Hate when that happens. :mad2:
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    The fact that it leaves me with less money than before
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    (Original post by Muffin.)
    shopping with someone who hates shopping and moans the whole time/ shopping with someone who shops for houuuurs
    This is why I prefer shopping by myself. (and because no-one will come with me)

    Parents who can't control their children.
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