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how long does pro-plus stay in ur system for?

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    How long does pro-plus stay in your system for? Cos I took some last night but had trouble sleeping a few hours later. Just so I know when not to take them. I dont drink coffee so my body isnt too used to cafine


    Em xxxx
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    Until they're destroyed by your stomach acids and all that.....sorry

    If it's the caffeine you're on about, it's about 3-7 hours, but I usually find I have trouble sleeping whenever I have pro plus or a high-caffeine drink. The way I see it, if I take a caffeine supplement thingy, I better prepare to not get much sleep ^_^
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    http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/caffeine/caffeine.shtml should help
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    Huh? Proplus isn't on there...is it an American site? I suppose they call it something different.
    Looks like most of them have 100mg per pill, I always thought it was 50. Will keep that to myself due to friends thinking my proplus habit is bad, lol.
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    Its nasty!! And it doesn't take effect for a few hours (which is rubbish!) it just messes up your sleeping pattens. Don't take it. Ask any doctor!!
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    Well it obviously not a good idea to take it before you intend to go to sleep. Its a caffine supplement so it's going ot keep you awake. I'd say not to take them any later than 4 hours before your going to go to bed.
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    I think the effect of pro plus depends on how much caffeine intake you have normally. I dont take much other caffeine and the effect for me lasts about 2 hours max.Plus i agree with horrorcops with not taking them before bed, unless you want to do an all nighter!
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    shouldn't you take them in the mornings? that's when i'm most tired!
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    Caffeine has a half life of 20hrs in humans, and pro plus is 50mg a cap. I have to take 6 at once to get a decent effect.(I have a high stimulant tolerance).
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    (Original post by *Emily*)
    shouldn't you take them in the mornings? that's when i'm most tired!
    ha, true...and I have done..but I got quite reliant on them, going to sleep late, meant it messed up my sleeping patterns a bit, and then waking up early again and taking some more to help me through the day. Complete madness.


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