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Training Goals 2012

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    What are you training goals for the coming year? Hit a certain weight? Lift a certain amount? Lose some weight?

    Post here and update through the year so we can all have a laugh about how much we massively fail again.

    I know this has been done in various threads like the muscle building soc but it's good to have it in one place we can easily look back on later.

    Bodyweight: 78kg ish
    Squats: 125/140
    Bench: 75/90
    Deadlift: 150/170

    Get back down to 75kg ish and stay there.
    Get my squat 1RM to 2*BW before summer and then 5RM to 2*BW before the end of the year
    Hit 2 plate bench for a single before summer and 100*5 by the end of the year?
    Deadlift: Hit 4 plate Deads before summer and then 200kg deadlift before the end of the year.
    Run 5k more often and get my time to a reasonable level, sub 22:30, current pb of around 26 minutes but i've haven't run properly in months.
    Totally want to WSM one arm OH Press a 50kg dumbell at some point. current Pb: 36kg.
    Not sure how attainable these goals are as i've only had one year of weight training and it was full of n00b gains but i'd be very happy with these.

    Haven't given long term much thought - cutting for the next 5 weeks to shed some fat - then guess I'll go back to strength training. Goals wise I guess I'd like 100kg bench 140kg squat 180kg deadlift by the end of the year, but I think I'd be lucky to get em. Real aim is to just get leaner and stay leaner (than I am now) whilst increasing strength.

    get to 11 stone
    get stronger (want to be benching at 70kg)

    sub 11 for 100m's
    deadlift 240kg by May
    Squat 160x3 by May
    Powerclean 120kg by May

    That's about it really.

    I feel like a train wreck at the moment, need to stop going out and getting drunk.

    Complete a half marathon
    10k in sub 1:15
    5k in sub 37
    Constant sub-10 minute miles
    12 in 12 challenge (12 races in 12 months)

    Bodyweight: 70kg i
    Squats: 110/125
    Bench: 65/80
    Deadlift: 157.5/170

    hopefully get a 2/3/4 by summer for 3-5 reps with the exception of bench lol.

    Sub 6:25 2k
    >8400 8450 30r20
    Maintain running times
    Squat: 120x5
    Deadlift: 180x5
    Bench: 70x5

    All at lwt weight.

    Most importantly, I want to be stronger on the 1st of January 2013 than I was/will be on the 1st of January 2012. This is not a given; throughout my training career there have been several times when, due to illness, that I have been weaker one year on. There is also the problem of spending too much time dicking around exercising, getting a pump and using all sorts of assistance lifts than actual hard training that is actually responsible for strength gains.

    So the first goal is to be stronger this time next year than I am now. This includes the subgoal of keeping using tried and tested programming rather than wasting time finding out that whatever I thought up in my head doesn't actually work.

    Secondly, onto numbers;

    Squat: 220
    Bench: 130
    Deadlift: 250
    Press: 90
    Power Clean: same as bench

    All as 1RMs.

    Nothing involves an increase of anything close to 1kg a week so are all hopefully doable.

    Physique wise, to gain as much muscle as possible during the year.

    Deadlift: 160 1RM -> 190 1RM
    Bench: 100 1RM -> 120 1RM
    Squat: 110 1RM -> 140 1RM


    Squat: 190kg
    Bench: 130kg
    Deadlift: 220kg


    Squat: 170kg
    Bench: 110kg (in reality 102.5 x 3)
    Deadlift: 190kg (in reality 185 x 2)

    Be able to Run 5K non stop.
    Complete 500m O1 in under 2:40.
    Be able to do 100 Press Ups
    Be able to do 200 Sit Ups
    Get down to 49kg.
    Generally look more toned.


    Reasonable shoulders.

    Bigger quads. Thinner, 28" from 32" waist.

    Drop bodyfat enough to get more vascular.

    125kg bench by May.
    180kg deadlift and squat by May.
    75kg OHP by May.
    3x10 20kg weighted chinups and dips by May.
    One arm DB row 45kg by May.

    May-August goals:

    Drop 5kg bodyweight.
    OHP 65x5.
    3x10 with 20kg dips, on 1x10 now.
    Get bench closer to 120kg.
    Start incline pressing again.
    190kg deadlift.
    120x5 squat.

    These are my goals for the coming year, all are attainable.

    Physique related

    Get the leanest I have been in the summer
    Have a nice pair of natty guns
    Looking bigger and better overall

    Strength related
    Squat a nice weight for a high amount of reps, no set number.

    I think I'm going to aim for the 140 bench this year, too.


    100m: 11.1
    400m: 49.2
    Bench: 100kg
    Squat: 160kg
    Dead: 160kg
    Power clean: 110kg


    100m: Break the 11 second barrier
    400m: Get into the region of 47s
    Bench: 110kg
    Squat: 180kg
    Dead: 180kg
    Power clean: 115kg (having real trouble getting above 110)

    Strength Standards

    At the moment it's 140/75/170

    By June I want to be at 170/95/200 for a set of 5.

    By December, 185/110/210 for a set of 5.

    Whilst staying injury free!! Hope I'm not shooting too high!

    Edit to add: This thread should be stickied.

    Get to 9 stone and a healthy BMI!
    Also, increase my stamina

    Get to a healthy weight.
    Get stronger.
    Simple goals

    (Original post by Happy_Holidays)
    Get to a healthy weight.
    Get stronger.
    Simple goals
    Sounds good to me!

    Complete a half marathon in under two hours.

    Like Lell I want to do a half marathon this year

    Also I would like to go on my first bulk this year to gain some muscle


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