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Training Goals 2012

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    Would like to hit a 260kg deadlift, currently at 240kg (done in August).
    Gonna be focusing on deads mainly, might do a smolov cycle sometime in the year and hopefully will hit 220kg (current PR is 200kg x 2 but havn't back squatted ina while)

    Well I would be happy if come 2013 I had been in he gym between 2-5 times a week with a steadily increasing load for 10 months of the year. But that's a bit boring and hardly a goal.

    So I dunno last work outs I've done 50/40/85 for 5 reps so shall we say 100/75/150.

    My aim is just to actually stick at lifting because I've not done so since I was like 15 I don't care about numbers too much but a deadlift comfortably over 200 would be nice :moon:

    Beyond that, losing some weight would be grand.

    Atm ~12 stones. Drop to 10 stones. Body fat atm ~20% :dontkow: drop to 10%
    Other goals (kg): BB 70, DL 200, Squat 100- if i stick to it will probably be able to achieve this easily
    Do Bear complex workout
    3 miles within 15 mins, reach 5 miles

    Currently at 95/120/150. Would like to get some consistent training in and get to at least 100/150/170, then cut hard and see what my abs look like.

    (Original post by Smack)
    There is also the problem of spending too much time dicking around exercising, getting a pump and using all sorts of assistance lifts than actual hard training that is actually responsible for strength gains.

    So the first goal is to be stronger this time next year than I am now. This includes the subgoal of keeping using tried and tested programming rather than wasting time finding out that whatever I thought up in my head doesn't actually work.
    I know that feel bro *sigh*

    Current Stats

    Squat - 185
    Bench - 130 (1RM)
    Deadlift - 180 (1RM)
    Body fat - 10%

    Goals for 2012

    Squat - 200 to 210
    Bench 140 to 150
    Deadlift - 200-210
    Body fat - 7/8%

    Deadlift ----> 200kg
    Squat -------> 140kg

    Upper body is easier to do in comparison so not too worried.

    be aesthetic as fuarkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    or, alternatively

    Dead - 220x1
    Squat - been poor lately - 140x1 would be good
    Bench - really can't guess how long my injury is going to last so hard to predict - will be mad as hell if i don't get 100x1

    (Original post by Michael XYZ)

    Squat: 190kg
    Bench: 130kg
    Deadlift: 220kg


    Squat: 170kg
    Bench: 110kg (in reality 102.5 x 3)
    Deadlift: 190kg (in reality 185 x 2)
    Reckon you would struggle with that bench 1rm. Deads you can probably get.

    EDIT: I mean your current 1rm

    With moving to London in October I screwed up my diet and lifting for a bit so haven't progressed in my lifts whatsoever over the last few months. Missed my 2011 goals. But one good thing that came out of it was that I have dropped 8kg (mostly fat) and managed to keep my strength.

    Goals for 2012:


    Squat - 160kg
    Bench - 100kg
    Deads - 200kg
    OHP - 70kg
    P Cleans - 90kg


    Squat - 170-180kg
    Bench - 120kg
    Deads - 230-250kg
    OHP - 80kg
    P Cleans - 100kg

    Try to get bigger and stronger while gaining minimal fat. Even losing bf% if possible.

    Maybe a bit optimistic but lets see if I can do it.

    My goals have completely changed from last year!

    Weightlifting/strength goals
    • I have 2 weeks to qualify for the Norwegian Champs with a total of 103kg in the 75kg class. Aim is 45kg snatch/58kg clean and jerk. Gonna go all out at my next comp to get it.
    • To qualify for 2013 Norwegian Champs
    • Snatch at least 50kg
    • Clean and jerk at least 65kg
    • Front squat at least 80kg for a single
    • Squat at least 120kg for a single
    • Do a totally unassisted pullup :p:
    • Possibly get into the 69kg category...haven't decided yet

    40 minute 10k :cool:

    • Add at 15kg lbs of muscle to my frame
    • Squat twice my body weight
    • Bench at least a 100kgs
    • Have a lean V-shaped posterior chain

    Happy New Year

    My goals are mainly just to build more muscle, get more aesthetic and obviously lifts will increase. Not too bothered about numbers but I guess here's a few:

    50kg per hand dumbbell bench press for sets of 8-10 (max dumbbells are 50kg gonna have to maintain at this level and move onto the barbell)
    50kg per hand incline dumbbell bench press for sets of 8-10
    50kg per hand dumbbell shoulder press (seated) for sets of 8-10
    Rack the whole lat pulldown machine (100kg) for sets of 8-10, then do pullups with lots of weight and lots of reps
    250kg - 300kg deadlift for 5 reps
    50kg one arm dumbbell row for sets of 8-10
    150kg barbell row for sets of 8-10

    Some may take more time than others eg. I'm a few weeks away from 50kg one arm dumbbell row but 50kg per hand dumbbell shoulder press may take all year.

    Main goal is consistency in diet and training. No more excuses for slacking off, I'll do bodyweight exercises and running, if I don't have access to weights or a boxing gym.
    Commit to a healthy diet (paleo as a starting point).
    Get to 60kg (now at 66kg) and maintain, and get better fat/lean mass ratio.
    Complete a Tough Mudder.
    Get stronger in all lifts, but focus on learning the oly lifts properly.

    Not really that bothered with numbers, but +100kg squat (BS 75kg, FS 70kg) and deadlift (85kg) would be nice. In terms of oly, I don't really know what kind of goals would be realistic... at least for the spring/summer training will most likely be all about technique..

    My goal is to at least get the following before march this year...

    Get myself down to 69kg and have a herculean physique ( I ***** will)
    As far as the numbers are concerned...
    Goal by the end of march:
    BP: 120
    FS: 140-150
    DL: 200 (for a single)
    Not much worried about OHP, that lift goes to hell for now..

    (Original post by ibysaiyan)
    My goal is to at least get the following before march this year...

    Get myself down to 69kg and have a herculean physique ( I ***** will)
    As far as the numbers are concerned...
    Goal by the end of march:
    BP: 120
    FS: 140-150
    DL: 200 (for a single)
    Not much worried about OHP, that lift goes to hell for now..
    that front squat is far to ambitious, i take it you'd be able to bs 180+ by march lol

    Training Goals for 2012
    *Reach weight of 75kg - currently 63kg.
    *Learn and Practice Prasara Yoga and Floor One Training Programs.
    *Manage to successfully perform the handstand and cartwheel.

    by june

    squat 120kg
    dead 145kg
    bench 90kg
    press 65kg


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