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Arsenal v Wolves 27/12/11 3pm Kick Off

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  1. Offline

    Should have been a red card for Song, soo dirty :rofl:
  2. Offline

    one of those games.....
  3. Offline

    Ah bloody hell, ref! Just leave them to it.
  4. Offline

    Past the 70 min mark — this is where it gets really tense.
  5. Offline

    Beef beef
  6. Offline

    listening on the radio, seems as though we've had a million good chances then wolves get one and suddenly its 1-1
  7. Offline

    LOL@ Mick McCarthy.
  8. Offline

    Come on Arsenal!!!!
  9. Offline

    GOnna be hard for Wolves now down to 10 men
  10. Offline

    Not a red.
  11. Offline

    Arghhhhhhhhh RVP
  12. Offline

    That was onside?! Nooooooooooooo...
  13. Offline

    Goal scoring chance there RVP... too slow
  14. Offline

    that says it all, rvp misses yet another great goal scoring chance, definetly not our day
  15. Offline

    Djourou is horrific.
  16. Offline

    Whats up with BBC, it is saying the game is half time again
  17. Offline

    oooh arshavin

    this is taking the piss now
  18. Offline

    Come on van persie.. bang it in
  19. Offline

    :zomg: just get the ball in the goal.
  20. Offline



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Updated: December 27, 2011
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