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♛ ♪♫ The Hip-Hop Society MK II ♪♫ ♛

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    Hello & welcome to the ♛ ♪♫ The Hip-Hop Society MK II ♪♫ ♛ thread.

    I am the creator, owner & messiah of this MKII thread. You may refer to me as Missah Kartel or Don Chikashikato De La Vega.

    This is the new thread for everything hip hop related. In here we shall discuss music, hoes, have smash or pass competitions, have GIF wars, general arguments, a feature called Vybz Random Time, so on & so forth. Enjoy your stay

    *Insert 10,000 post speech here at a later date/time*
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    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the new hip hop thread for everything hip hop.

    Post here to talk and post about anything hip hop related.
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    Jingers you sly ****.

    Hip Hop related:

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    Vybz you sly ****.
  5. Offline

    First post


  6. Offline

    I genuinely tried to post after Vybz.

    Then again I made this before I tried.

    Get mad.

    Edit: rep to every poster on this page.
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    come at me bro
  8. Offline

    Lizzzle fails again

    Hold tight my don
    (Original post by Arturo Bandini)
    Arturo Bandini
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    (Original post by worker13)
    Vybz you sly ****.
    You lucky i'm on 14 warning points i'll get back to you at a later date.

    But enjoy your shiny new thread
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    everyone post in this one. **** vybz.
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    Jingers begging it, mods come through and delete this please
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    (Original post by JCC-MGS)
    Lizzzle fails again

    Hold tight my don
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    How did you get those pictures in the thread title?
  14. Offline

    **** you ILL no more pics of hoes for you

    & Thank you JCC. This can be deleted. This one is the truth.
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    i refuse to post in this thread


    I dont care if its just me and Jingers in the thread. In fact, I'd prefer it that way.

    bye guys
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    yh a good sport

    mods do what you love doing and delete this
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    (Original post by worker13)
    Vybz you sly ****.
    Are you turkish?
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    Wait wait wait wait wait hold up

    Lizzzle said and we all agreed that the last 10 posts, nobody could repeat post

    Vybz double-posted to get the 10,000. This makes me the official 10000 post holder. Suck out
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    But illmatic you are jingers
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