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  • View Poll Results: Edexcel paper 1 English language (A) which anthology? For the May 2012 examination.
    From Touching the Void
    Your Guide to Beach Safety
    Climate Change webpage – Greenpeace UK
    Climate Change: The Facts
    From A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat
    From A Passage to Africa
    From The Explorer’s Daughter
    Explorers, or boys messing about? Either way, taxpayer gets rescue bill
    From Taking on the World
    From Chinese Cinderella

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    This thread is for all Edexcel IGCSE students and Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in English Language students sitting their English language (A) exam in the May 2012 examination series.
    Paper 1 which is for 2 hours and 15 minutes is on the 25th of May 2012 - afternoon.
    Paper 2 which is for 1 hours and 30 minutes is on the 29th of May 2012 - afternoon.

    All those sitting this examination series will have to revise all the anthologies in both section A and section B.

    I am also sitting this same examination series. I thought of creating a poll where all the students all over the world for this May 2012 can help each other. Vote honestly the anthology you think will come in paper 2. Like this all of us can know what the majority of students in the world think will come and we can get more prepared. The below poll is just for paper 1 (due to the limited options available) the poll for paper 2 will be found in another thread please also vote for paper 2 in the other thread. Please search for that thread after you have finished voting here it has the same title.

    Warning - Please don't use the poll results to think that anthology will definitely come in the final exam. This is only a poll based on opinions, the votes may or may not come true. Read all the anthologies for the finals !!! Edexcel ltd has not endorsed this poll in any way. This poll is intended to just get opinions of those who are sitting the May 2012 exams and not try to sabotage exam content. Please be aware of these conditions when voting and try to vote only if you are sitting the Jan 2012 Edexcel IGCSE exam or the May 2012 exam. This vote is only applicable to Edexcel IGCSE and Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in English Language students strictly!!! Don't vote if you do another examination from another examination body e.g. CIE
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    yes students let's help each other out. Let's keep voting
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    where can i get section B anthology notes?
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    Well I don't have all the section B anthology notes but I can help you out with some like the last night, a hero, etc... I can send you them via e-mail. Contact me on my e-mail so I can send you the notes. Also go to this link - http://mrtelfersenglishpage.wikispac...GCSE+2011-2012 you will find notes for all Section B anthologies but only disabled is uploaded. Hope they upload the rest in time before our May 2012 exam.
    Frankly speaking there are not many sources for us to get notes from and that's the worst thing.
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    Please please it is my sincere request that you publicize and advertise this poll as much as possible. Tell all your friends and classmates who are sitting this english (a) exam for may 2012 to vote in this poll and tell their friends to vote in this poll. We need more voters. Anyone you know who will sit this exam please pass the message on to them. We need at least a 1000 voters. Please also tell friends on student room to vote in this poll. We need more voters. Pass the message and who know we might end up cracking the anthology that will come in our finals. Post on facebook, write on blogs but please tell more candidates for may 2012 examination to vote in this poll. Vote, vote.
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    we need more voters. C'mon may 2012 candidates where are you? Please vote in these polls. We need to predict and I'll throw a party to all of you if your prediction come true!
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    i think that it will be from an expolorers daughter. i hope it is because there is quite a lot to say about that I think!!
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    Dear izzyrhian ,
    Please can you give me the notes for explorer's daughter? Please help me out.
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    We need more voters. Always tell all 2012 candidates about this poll. We need all the candidates to vote.
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    I don't know why but I have an inner feeling that keeps telling me "a passage to Africa" will come in May 2012 paper 1 English (A) exam. This is because passage to Africa is the most complicated and hardest. Well let's wait and see what comes.
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    we need more voters. C'mon candidates let's vote
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    C'mon can some people vote. We aren't making progress. We need to vote so start voting
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    Man no one is voting. What is going on?
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    c'mon people let's vote. Why is no one voting?
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    (Original post by Dhananjay 2012)
    c'mon people let's vote. Why is no one voting?
    Why keep a vote? No good,
  16. Offline

    (Original post by IGCSE MAY 2012)
    Why keep a vote? No good,
    I (the pioneer of this thread) haven't force you to vote. If you feel it's a waste of time you can stay out of it. This is for people who are willing to vote and not criticizing it.
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    Right people kick back into this, everybody should do their duty and pool their resources into this page. Register like i did!!
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    Hey Dhananjay what did u get for Math? btw the january 2012 one was touching the void. The explorers boys was last year so most probs passage to Africa. Not any of the color texts. 90% sure.
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    (Original post by 12cheungjk1)
    Not any of the color texts. 90% sure.
    They added a new colour text , a webpage based on climate change .
    Maybe a colour text would come this year to wade off all the doubts. It would perhaps be black and white ( with a colour code)
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    (Original post by IGCSE MAY 2012)
    They added a new colour text , a webpage based on climate change .
    Maybe a colour text would come this year to wade off all the doubts. It would perhaps be black and white ( with a colour code)

    No, no they can't bring that - I'm a little sure. It would be very unprofessional if Edexcel gave a coloured extact in black and white with a colour code. That can't be. By the way which country are you from? And can you give me notes on the coloured webpage?


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