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What have you eaten today?

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    (Original post by outlaw-torn)
    Chicken and bacon sandwich
    why you no hungry
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    About half a tin of lentil soup with two pieces of toast with low fat spread.
    Some boiled potatoes with salad cream, two vegetarian sausage rolls and some carrot.
    A couple of spoonfuls of nutella out of the jar.
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    (Original post by Cinnie)
    why you no hungry
    Haha I had just eaten that so wrote that on its own instead of what I've eaten the whole day

    I've had raspberry and apple porridge, a cheese and salad bagel, two packets of crisps, countless bottles of water, that chicken and bacon sandwich and a yoghurt.
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    One sausage, a fried egg, tomatoes
    Marmite on wholemeal toast
    Orange juice

    A jacket potato with cheese
    Tomatoes and cucumber

    A nutri-grain bar with a cup of tea

    Chicken and ham pie

    Post-training snack:
    A muller rice
    Protein shake

    I row so I think my food intake is justified!
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    Frosties with semi-skimmed milk for breakfast

    Half a roll of garlic bread and pasta with amatriciana sauce, followed by fruit cake for lunch

    Frosties and tangerines for dinner (usually I would cook, but I was still full from lunch!), and 4 5g chocolates
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    Today I've had:

    A packet of crisps and a yazoo milkshake in the morning (I do this every morning, not sure why)
    A boiled egg and some buttered toast and a galaxy bar for lunch
    A galaxy cake bar at some point after that
    A strange combination of turkey, onion rings and rice for tea
    Pineapple chunks
    Another yazoo
    Another packet of crisps
    A bowl of frosted wheats (no milk)
    Now I'm munching on some viennese sandwich biscuits.

    How I'm not fat I don't know. Except now I have a pot belly. But it shall be gone in the morning :3
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    Errm... It's not been a very healthy day today lol

    A crisp sandwich

    2 other bags of crisps

    2 slices of toast with a tin of macaroni cheese

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    Breakfast: rather too much Greek yoghurt
    Lunch: er, water?
    Dinner: steak, veg, apple crumble

    Plus rather too much coffee. If I slept more when I should be, i.e. now, I wouldn't have to ruin potential healthy days (well, the apple crumble killed that, but it wasn't my choice of pudding) by drinking so much coffee...
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    Red Bull, Red Bull, err....more Red Bull and I think....err... yeah, more Red Bull and cashew nuts.

    Healthy, eh? ;-P
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    Breakfast: Half a grapefruit (with a little sugar on), coffee, small glass of milk, small glass of orange juice, bowl of blueberries, slice whole grain peanut butter toast.

    Lunch: chicken teriyaki and some pomegranate juice.

    snack: chocolate chip cookie and a small coffee.

    Supper: bowl of steamed green beans, granola bar.
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    (Original post by smutty)
    I feel like I've had the most obese day ever!

    - A medium toffee nut latte and chocolate brownie from Starbucks
    - A jacket potato with cheese and beans
    - A chupa chup

    And now about to eat two sausages stuffed in a burger bun lol as there's nothing else in my cupboard.. writing it down it doesn't seem like much but I feel I have stuffed my face all day.

    What have you eaten?
    I will eat:

    A delicious dish accompanied by the beautiful Tullia in a nice restaurant.
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    A bowl of that Quakers instant porridge,2 rice cakes and a few Jammie dodgers.
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    Yoghurt, banana, nuts, lettuce, tomatoes, hummus, celery, turkey, still rather too much coffee... then, suddenly, my parents serve trifle, and I can't decline it without offending them. Dietary aspirations utterly flattened.
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    Well for me I have eaten:
    breakfast paiin au chocolate and lucozade
    dinner bag of crisps, pasta snack pot and water
    tea chicken, mash tates, veg and gravy and blackcurrant juice

    Well tasty
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    Shortbread biscuits
    Cheese & Onion crisps
    Chicken and chips
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    I have eaten cereals with milk to my breakfast, noodles and goulash to my lunch and two rolls as usual to my dinner today.
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    A bag of salt and vinegar crisps.

    I'm making some food now - garlic roast potatoes and pizza.
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    Beans on toast, 2 eggs = 500kcal

    Chicken rice veg gravy = 500kcals

    Instant oats and whey protein with milk shake = 650 kcals X 3 of these different times of day so 1950 kcals

    Chicken, rice, gravy and veg second time = 500kcal

    Jacket potato, beans, tuna, mayo = 700kcal

    Protein shake before bed

    4350 Kcals

    I train though so all this is justified ! Good job I love food
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    Breakfast: babies.

    Lunch: babies.

    Dinner: babies.
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    Pain au chocolat
    Sausage sarnie
    Two pieces of buttered toast
    Cup of tea

    Barely eaten anything at all today :confused:
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