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What have you eaten today?

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    My 1st day of attempting to resist chocolate, and I eat:

    Breakfast: frosties and semi skimmed milk

    Congratulatory snack to myself for handing an assignment in: Yorkie Biscuit & Raisin

    Lunch: a kiwi and an apple (was doing volunteer work this afternoon and didn't have time to go home before going there)

    Dinner: baked potato, chilli con carne, salad

    At the theatre: Wispa Gold, Galaxy Caramel and ice cream

    XD Hopefully tomorrow will be more successful.. maybe an assignment handing in/theatre-going day wasn't the best day to pick to start my new challenge.
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    3am after night out: pitta with spicy chicken
    9am before lectures: Cheerios
    Kit kat chunky
    Chicken burger
    Apple and another kit kat chunky
    Slice of toast with lots of Jam

    So stuffed. That's it for the day
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    Fries and burger with flapjack and a dr pepper (very healthy)
    And Chicken pizza with beans and orange juice

    Gonna need to do some exercise after this food mess
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    Half a cheese pizza.
    Quorn chicken, sweet and sour sauce and white rice.
    Some Easter egg.
    Too much chocolate brownie.
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    Weetabix, prawn stir fry, a pack of snack a jacks
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    Made eggy bread for the first time in years for lunch then had brownies, crisps and a chocolate bar for snacks.
    Really need to get breakfast back into my diet, skipped it so many times I don't feel hungry before 11 anymore :lol:
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    Sausage roll,2 rice cakes for lunch and am currently chomping my way through battered sausage and chips from the chippy with mayo.
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    Cheerios, Apple, Banana, Kinder snack bar, 2 Eggs with Asparagus (YUM) and 2 jammie dodgers
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    Corn flakes with soy milk and coffee for breakfast
    Rice crackers, raisins and salted peanuts for 'lunch'
    Some dried kiwis for a snack
    Yet to eat tea...
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    A bag of ready salted crisps.
    A creme egg.
    Some chocolate brownie.

    Need to make dinner.
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    2 bowls of bran flakes. (Breakfast)
    Chips & beans. (Lunch)
    An iced sponge cake & custard. (Lunch)
    Caramel & pear cheesecake. (Snack)
    Two plates of chicken curry. (Dinner)

    I was hungry.

    What's worse is that yesterday's eating patterns were quite similar to this too..
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    Today I've had much more than I usually eat...

    Breakfast - nothing
    Lunch - chicken sandwich, fruit, chocolate yoghurt, cake
    Dinner - Burger and chips, followed by ice-cream

    I feel very fat
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    For lunch I went to my favourite cafe *ever* for their (vegan) soysage pie with four different kinds of salad. And it was good.
    For supper it'll be a vegetable curry with brown rice.
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    So far an egg mayonnaise sandwich with cress on wholemeal bread, a bag of max paprika crisps and half a mini egg Easter egg.
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    A chip sandwich and an apple.
    (will probably have tofu and vegetables for tea)
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    Breakfast: 2 Weetabix and a pancake
    Lunch: Pasta with vegetables and marscapone sauce
    Dinner: Baked potato with cheese, bacon, beans, and a brioche.
    Snacks: Special K bar, Alpen bar.

    I'm a hungry bunny.
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    So far I've had 2 cups of tea and 3 choc biscuits!
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    coco pops, nutella sandwich before rugby and about to order a pizza (moms out, cant cook)
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    (Original post by Smoosh)
    So far an egg mayonnaise sandwich with cress on wholemeal bread, a bag of max paprika crisps and half a mini egg Easter egg.
    YAY is it easter egg time?
  20. Online

    Bfast- Apple and porridge
    Lunch- Apple, cheerios, 4 squares of white toblerone, skips
    Dinner- 4 salmon and pepper kebabs, kit kat chunky

    Supper- CRUMPET <3 :love: and more toblerone

Updated: November 18, 2013
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