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What have you eaten today?

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    breakfast was fruit salad with drizzle of pouring yogurt
    lunch was 1/2 tin of baked beans with a garden salad
    dinner - chicken slices, 1 egg, vegetables
    desert - slice of victoria sponge
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    Porridge with strawberries and blueberries and a tea
    An apple and a pear
    A wholemeal brown ham roll and a tea
    Sliced cucumber, pepper and carrots
    Tuna stirfry and broccoli
    About to have a green tea now
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    Cheerios with soya milk
    A plum
    Cup of tea (1 sugar, soya milk)
    Slice of bread with chocolate Philadelphia
    KFC Popcorn Chicken Snackbox w/ Pepsi
    Energy drink
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    so far i have eaten some milk chocolate digestive bars and 2 ham sandwiches and I should be getting a Pizza Takeaway tonight but I won't be eating as much as last time, unfortunately.
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    Breakfast: Frosted shreddies
    Lunch: Wrap filled with piri piri hummus, cucumber and lettuce.
    Snack: Roast chicken crisps.
    Dinner: Think its going to be Quesadillas, not sure yet.
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    Bowl of bran flakes with some Onken and a piece of chicken with some salsaaaaa
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    (Original post by Dalek1099)
    so far i have eaten some milk chocolate digestive bars and 2 ham sandwiches and I should be getting a Pizza Takeaway tonight but I won't be eating as much as last time, unfortunately.
    Why not as much pizza as last time?

    Today I've eaten:

    Bowl of frosties

    Chicken roll, packet of McCoys and an apple

    2 finger kitkat.

    Probably have sausages and veg for tea.
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    I've had: Some pringles and sour cream and chive dip, a sausage in like half a bagquette thingy, I forget to eat sometimes...
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    Uhhmm some cereal, a bread roll and some crisps and a millionaire's cheesecake dessert O.o that also sounds like way too much XD Diet starts tomorrow :L
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    Cornflakes with milk and a bowl of some leftover pasta bake I made yesterday.
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    2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and lots of pb straight out the jar...
    a banana
    an apple
    a cheese and ham omelette
    some ready salted pringles
    some easter yule log

    sausage and tomato pasta bake
    4 small cookies
    another apple
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    Im hungover today so i've had, a sandwich with ham tomato mayo and cheese, a packet of crisps, tinned chicken curry (yuck) and rice and waiting for dinner to munch on sweetchilli pasta with chicken mushroom bacon and onions.

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    Today I've had cheerios with banana, strawberries and grapes with a mug of tea and some orange juice
    really fancy some cheesecake though!
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    I've had a bowl of Coco Pops :love:
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    I've had a coffee with semi skimmed milk, an apple with a handful of walnuts and some tesco sushi with a little soy sauce (not too much, bad salt!). I'm now going to cook some quorn sausages to have in a wrap and then have a cup o tea

    EDIT: I had a nice japanese dinner as well, a bento box with salmon, mackerel, sushi, salad and green tea. Left over sushi for breakfast, WIN!
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    A banana. A jacket potato with tuna mayonnaise :ahee:. Errrm. Like 4 penguin biscuits & a small Lindt egg (which was disgusting). Tofu stir fry. Ovaltine. A bit of a fat day today. :blushing:
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    Bowl of porridge, tea, yorkie bar, coffee, chicken pasta, KFC 2 piece variety meal (w/ another coffee), green tea, V8 veg juice, spinach and ricotta canneloni, tinned pineapple (in juice), protein shake.
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    A bacon roll and a 2 finger KitKat.
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    So far I have ate 2 ham sandwiches and I plan on eating 2 sausages,a portion of beans and a portion of chips and maybe a Lindt Bunny,if I end up buying one.
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    Coffee with skimmed milk, shedloads of water, a banana, sushi and a milkybar
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