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What have you eaten today?

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    Breakfast: Toast x2
    Lunch: Cone of chips
    Dinner: Going to be a jacket potato with a bit of flora buttery, cheese and some chicken that I cooked earlier.
    Other: A galaxy single chocolate bar and a frijj vanilla milkshake.
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    (Original post by Dalek1099)
    So far today I have eaten 12 chicken nuggets,1 portion of potato wedges and 1 portion of beans.
    I plan to eat some sweets and 10 smileys,1 slice of toast and another portion of beans.
    I ended up eating Chocolate Fingers,to fulfil my sweet addiction.
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    Breakfast Bagel, banana, glass of orange juice

    Lunch Chicken tikka chunks, mayonnaise and lettuce baguette; pear

    Dinner Cold roast chicken with salad and a potato salad.

    I fancy a cherry bakewell...
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    Breakfast/lunch: A bowl of coco pops with semi skimmed milk.
    Snack: Too many lightly salted kettle chips.
    Dinner: Most of a pizza (got 2 slices left), was trying to manage to whole thing, but too full.
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    Breakfast: Wetherspoons "Bacon, Sausage and Egg Bloomer Sandwich" - but without the bread. Lol. Oops.
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    Breakfast: A bagel and cream cheese
    Lunch: A stick of celery
    Dinner: Will be having a cold meat dinner with salad and a baked potato.

    (And profiteroles )
  7. Offline

    Had a really bad day so far -

    Banana, mcdonalds veggie wrap with chips, strawberry milkshake, mcflurry, 2 hobnobs ... I plan on going to the gym now and having cereal for dinner if I'm hungry then.

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    (Original post by Riku)
    I'm not sure what would be better, having the roast to kick up my immune system, or just go to bed? :confused:
    I hope you went to bed after all that, for your sake!

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    (Original post by itchy and scratchy)
    I hope you went to bed after all that, for your sake!

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    I snuggled up on the couch and watched the original Batman movie (Adam West) actually, it had the same therapeutic effects thanks for your thoughts all the same. It's not going to happen again.
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    (Original post by Riku)
    I snuggled up on the couch and watched the original Batman movie (Adam West) actually, it had the same therapeutic effects thanks for your thoughts all the same. It's not going to happen again.
    Even if it does, it doesn't matter god knows I've had some terrible days where I've just eaten non stop. :hugs:

    Today I've had

    Breakfast: bacon & fried egg sandwich that my boyfriend made me before he went to work

    A packet of Sainsbury's 'healthy' salt and cracked black pepper crisps
    A caramel snack-a-jack

    & I've just had an onion bagel topped with spring onion and black pepper Philadelphia, plus a bowl of Glorious Skinny butternut squash soup which was amazing :coma:

    Might have a bourbon biscuit for pudding.
  11. Offline

    I totally blame exams (and the fact that my brain is like WOAHHH JUNK FOOD WHAT IS THIS?... MOREEEE!)

    Porridge with 2 squares of chocolate for the lols
    Pitta with lots of chicken. A scone and yoghurt
    A cereal bar
    A sharing bag of revels :mmm:
    8 mini samosas

    Never this unhealthy... Proper meals tomorrow :P
  12. Offline

    Chicken stir fry
  13. Offline

    3 ryvita, salad, slice of ham
    tube of fruit pastilles
  14. Offline

    Tesco's Southern Fried Chicken Pasta
    Rowntrees Random
  15. Offline

    Skipped breakfast and then had a big bowl of salad for lunch with rocket, baby spinach, crumbly cheese, baby spring onions, tuna, new potatoes, sweetcorn and olive oil.
  16. Offline

    2 weetabix, and muesli (I was hungry) big potato salad with some cured ham and egg. We're out for Italian tonight for gran's birthday.
  17. Offline

    Yesterday I ate 300g of Chocolate digestives,2 chicken burgers,1 portion: of potatoes and beans and 2 Yorkshire puddings.
  18. Offline

    - Activia Raspberry yoghurt with 30g Cornflakes
    - 1/3 of a cranberry flapjack from Graze
    - 200ml skimmed milk with milkshake powder
    - 125g pack of sliced chicken
    - Pack of sour cream and chive pretzels
    - a square of Galaxy Cookie Crumble
    - 100g fromage frais
    - 2 mugs of tea
    - a punnet of plum tomatoes

    Not finished yet. Got some cider waiting for me in the fridge (Kopparberg, heaven!) and pasta with marinated artichokes. Yummy! I'll undoubtedly have more snacks too. I'm such a grazer!
  19. Offline

    Porridge with cinnamon.
    Fish finger & tartar sauce sandwich. Might add sriracha sauce next time.
  20. Offline

    I've had some garlic bread from a baguette, and a handful of gummy sweeties. Defrosting some chicken for fajitas tonight though!
Updated: November 18, 2013
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