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What have you eaten today?

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    4 mini home bake baguettes with low fat spread and low fat cheese.
    The majority of 2 jacket potatoes with low fat spread, low fat cheese and half a tin of spaghetti.
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    I'amFeel that i have fat,so i do not dare to eat things, hungry, sad ah
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    2 cups multi grain cheerios
    1/2 cup fat free milk

    Lunch: Amy's Organic Black Bean Burrito

    Snack: Fiber One Bar

    I went to the dentist today and they ****ed up my jaw so I didn't feel like eating dinner.
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    • Fish fingers
    • Pizza
    • Bacon roll
    • Chicken
    • Cabbage
    • Peas
    • Some sort of rice crispie cake from school
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    (Original post by m4nurul3)
    • Fish fingers
    • Pizza
    • Bacon roll
    • Chicken
    • Cabbage
    • Peas
    • Some sort of rice crispie cake from school
    It's only 8am? :eek:
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    (Original post by Vikki1805)
    It's only 8am? :eek:
    Lol good point! I meant yesterday.
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    (Original post by m4nurul3)
    Lol good point! I meant yesterday.
    Makes more sense
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    That's not greedy compared to what I can eat. :lol: So far though, scrambled eggs on toast and a creme egg (not together). Mmmmmm.
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    Just had porridge with skimmed milk and a sliced banana
    And a hugeee mug of tea.
    But i'm still hungry....
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    (Original post by Absinth)
    Today was a binge day.
    Binge days make my week. I would say month, but since they happen weekly...well its defiantly week :P
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    Chips and dairy milk at college for lunch.
    6 chicken nuggets from McDonalds on the way to the bus stop
    Beef stew for dinner.
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    (Original post by Absinth)
    I'm gonna be binging all the way through tomorrow and the weekend because of Chinese New Year.
    I'm so jealous

    In fact, I'm so jealous, I might go buy myself a McFlurry to help ease the envy...
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    beef stroganoff
    enough tea to sink the titanic
    i had a fat day
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    (Original post by Absinth)
    McFlurry... haven't had one of those in years :shot:
    What are you doing? :eek: You've been missing out; they had an after eight one out over Christmas. Nom.:drool:

    Even the thought of a McFlurry makes me happy inside
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    Breakfast - 2 Weetabix with Green labelled milk and half a croissant.
    Lunch - Turkey Salad sandwich
    Dinner - boiled potatoes with chicken and salad
    Snack - Bowl of stawberries, 2 Oranges, 2 Kiwis and 1 banana.
    Drinks - Powerade before gym, and water throughout the day.
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    Ive had a quarter pounder large meal from McDonalds, a yazooo, chicken dinner, dairy milk.

    Yummy fat day today!
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    Breakfast: Bowl of cornflakes
    Lunch: Ham salad sandwhich with crisps, mini apple pie, apple, yoghurt
    snack: another packet of crisps and a chocolate bar
    Dinner:Gnocchi with green pesto and salad
    snack: hot chocolate with a few biccies
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    • Venti skinny latte (starbucks) as breakfast
    • two peppers (one yellow, one green) sliced into rings
      15 cherry tomatoes
      sandwich made of 100g of spinach, hummus and 2 slices of brown bread (wholegrain tyty)
      nice small sour and basically perfect shiny green apple for dessert
      (that was lunch, and more than my 5 a day :} )
    • a nice large bowl of tomato, cucumber and cabbage salad with hummus
      (and after about 2 hours of wondering around the house not doing anything really)
      pitta bread with 2 kebabs and a bit more hummus

    thats a lot of hummus for one day... it wasnt as much as it sounds o___o
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    If I have money, I will spend it.. so recently whenever I pass the local tesco express/co-op I'll always buy something

    -Breakfeast: weetabix with museli
    -prior to lunch managed to scoff my ham sandwich when the teacher wasn't looking in physics.
    -a packet of minstrels and a packet of malteasers during lunch outside tesco
    -after school also bought a fairly sized bar of galaxy.. ate it all
    -Dinner, the naughty stuff always seems to crop up when I least need/want it... sausage & chips haha.

    So yeah far too much.... better revert back to prior ways pretty quickly because I'm putting on the pounds!
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    hot and spicy prawns

    protein shake with a boiled egg

    chicken breast, noodles and sauce

    later will be having chicken breast and steamed veg
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