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TSR Transformation Contest - Official Entry Thread. NOW ACCEPTING "AFTER" PHOTOS.

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    TSR Transformation Contest - Official Entry Thread

    Please post your 'After' pictures!

    The competition will end in 12 weeks time: 19th March - 25th March. End photos will need to be posted in that week. Good luck, all


    - There will be two categories: Male and female

    - If you are losing weight, you must post a front, back, and side picture.

    - If you are gaining muscle, you must post a front, back, and at least one pose of your choice.

    - All photos must be taken wearing underwear / swimwear. You can blank your face out if you wish.

    - In at least one of you photos, you must hold a newspaper showing the date, or your laptop with a website showing the date.

    - There is no limit on the photos you can upload, the more the merrier

    - If you don't know how to upload photos, send me a PM and you can email me your photos; I will then post.

    - Entrants must not be taking steroids, and there should be no discussion on this topic. Moderators will remove all posts discussing steroids.

    The competition will run for 12 weeks, then pictures in identical poses must be taken and posted.

    MaxiRAW will decide the winner and placings.

    The male and female with the best transformation will be crowned the winner.



    1st: £80 MaxiRAW bundle of your choice
    2nd: £50 MaxiRAW bundle of your choice
    3rd: £50 MaxiRaw bundle of your choice


    1st: £80 MaxiRAW bundle of your choice
    2nd: £50 MaxiRAW bundle of your choice
    3rd: £50 MaxiRaw bundle of your choice

    Below is a list of the start photos:

    Male - 41 entrants

    Megaloblastic | End Photos
    CB5 | End Photos
    Colonel Cathcart
    GQ | End Photos
    Motorbiker | End Photos
    The Question
    Friar Chris
    McHumpy92 | End Photos 1| 2
    Michael XYZ | End Photos
    commandant| End Photos
    mikestraws | End Photos
    QwentyJ | End Photos
    GlenEyreLostBoy | End Photos
    Son of Flynn
    Anonymous 4 | End Photos
    Anonymous 5
    mituozo | End Photos
    Anonymous 6
    Anonymous 7

    Female - 33 entrants

    Becca |End Photos
    MissLightYear | End Photos
    sauce | End Photos
    shorty.loves.angels | End Photos
    xoxAngel_Kxox | End Photos
    Penguins | End Photos
    Anonymous 1
    Discouraged One
    PinkMobilePhone | End Photos
    Sockpirate | End Photos
    Cherry Gwyn
    Anonymous 3
    Sophie_girl | End Photos
    rwl31 | End Photos
    dropit |End Photos
    coni | End Photos
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    Just quoting the members who said they would enter!

    (Original post by Megaloblastic)

    (Original post by HFerguson)
    yeah go on
    out of interest, is it natty or are performance-enhancing drugs allowed?

    (Original post by Monkey_Pete)
    I am in

    It is just a transformation contest, any transformation will do, although less likely to win

    (Original post by imMcLovin)
    im in on this...... gym opposite my house opens new year.

    (Original post by Old School)

    (Original post by CB5)
    I'm in for this. 6 week bulk, 6 week cut. Like I said, aiming for around 9% bodyfat for this. Don't want to peak too early as I want to be at around 7% for summer.

    Also, when does it start?

    (Original post by crocker710)
    I'm in; bulk + cut

    (Original post by xoxAngel_Kxox)
    Thank you! Still have a way to go so I'm in.. when's it starting? Please say New Year, too much temptation about until then xx

    (Original post by yeebz93)
    Im in but Im currently bulking up untill after exams when i start cutting, so my 12 weeks of cardio will not start till afer 25th jan

    (Original post by KrazyKro)
    In. Gonna try to bulk up a bit.

    (Original post by MHorman)
    I'm in for the lulz.

    Btw, don't expect a quick reply off the admins as they're officially off for Xmas now. And for something like this they would have to discus it between them in like january when they get back in the office probably. The more people the better though. May be able to blag a prize of an amazon voucher or TSR subs if they're being generous.

    Also, we putting the transformations to a public vote afterwards or are we going to let an expert(the fitness mod team or similiar) decide?

    (Original post by mituozo)
    I'm in for this, will be doing primarily a cut starting ~16th Jan. Should be training properly again from next week after all the xmas celebrations though

    (Original post by MissLightyear)
    I'll join to add more girls. Will there be more specific categories or just male/female?

    Think i'll aim for lowering body fat % but my goal may change depending on how my rugby goes.

    Hopefully it''ll get me more focused for upcoming trials too!

    (Original post by Flo[ProActiv])
    I'll say I'm in for now.
    Need to decide on a goal though

    (Original post by Sockpirate)
    I'm in goal is primarily to loose weight - put on a fair amount over the last year and a bit at uni, so aiming to slim down a bit. Also want to drop my 2k erg time, 'cause I'm aiming to stay in my college W1 for rowing next term.

    (Original post by cpdavis)
    I'm in, loose weight and if there is a prize at the end :teeth:

    (Original post by Alt__x)
    I'm in, might give me some motivation to lose some serious weight!!

    (Original post by Sato)
    I'm in!!

    (Original post by Mark.I)
    Also in.

    (Original post by Strüberry)
    I'm in x

    Is there an exact date for the final? And what should the 'before' and 'after' picture be like? Underwear or shorts?!!?! Rules and guidelines would be helpful. :yep:

    (Original post by fifteen_15)
    I'm in!!

    (Original post by blahhh)
    I'm in

    (Original post by TobeTheHero)
    I'm jokin guys! I'm in:P

    I'm looking at muscle gain+ stamina

    (Original post by Idle)
    I'm in.

    (Original post by CoffeAddict)
    I think I am definetly in, need to get these 6 kg off again! I got them on in 3 months, I can get rid of them in 3 months!

    (Original post by Becca)
    Have been wondering about this. Will see if I can sort a prize!

    Are you up for organising judges/judging criteria. Feel that's defo more your area than mine? Totally happy to let you run this comp and I'll just try and sort prizes!

    (Original post by alex_tait)
    Add me. This should add some motivation.

    (Original post by ibysaiyan)
    I am in for strength, weight stays constant( wish i took my before lifting pic.. grr...) and maybe looks

    (Original post by rufus_da_bear)
    I'm tempted to enter. but. im scared to post photos.

    (Original post by tumbling)
    I'm in

    (Original post by Powerlifter)
    In - I will be preparing for a powerlifting comp in March following much time out due to injury and surgery - gonna do this one clean.

    (Original post by Mini-Me)
    I'm in, wanna lose a bit of weight and get fitter generally. Let's see how it goes.
    Will there be an option to pull out if I fail miserably, so I don't have to put after photos on?

    (Original post by mikestraws)
    I'm in.
    Will be recomping, going from flabby to fit.

    Will there be a fresh clean thread for the comp, allowing people in it to post pics, stats etc without it being full of spam from others?

    (Original post by catjaum)
    **** it, im in....

    but everyone should post a before pic holding up a paper with the date on, to prove its not some old pic.....

    (Original post by the_alybot)
    Sign me up bro.

    (Original post by Currrrtisssss)
    Whens this going to be on? Kinda interested

    (Original post by CJ)
    **** it, i'm in.

    I feel like i've been slacking massively since the end of summer and christmas indulgence. So will blog regularly, work hard from the new year and see where I go.
    If anyone's interested, here's my previous transformation attempt but i've let myself go a bit from the last pic, which i'd like to get back to and surpass in the new year, so up for a bit of hard work.

    Official prizes would be wicked, let's try and sort something out (although I won't be much use until Jan' when i'm properly back).

    (Original post by Stricof)
    G'wan then.

    (Original post by Slumpy)
    Wasn't gonna sign up, then remembered I actually have a camera on this laptop, so for the first time in years, can take photos!
    Hopefully will make me actually do some exercise, sign me up!

    (Original post by Jampolo)
    Im in - muscle gain + definition

    (Original post by Happy_Holidays)
    I'm in. Would I be allowed to take my before pic tomorrow or Thursday?
    Hoping to loose weight and also going to start doing some weights when the new gym round here opens in the 5th.

    (Original post by Ashara)
    I'm in!

    (Original post by Horchata)
    I'm in

    (Original post by shorty.loves.angels)
    Add me in :yy:

    In the middle of losing weight anyway so might as well record progress properly :yep:
    (Original post by JollyJelly)
    OK I'm in, really scrawny so gonna try and bulk up

    (Original post by SoapyDish)
    I'm in - will give me some motivation to get back on the bandwagon post-Christmas-indulgence!

    (Original post by Michael XYZ)

    We'll see how Westside principles work in getting me hyooge.

    (Original post by GQ.)
    I'm in...

    (Original post by The Troll Toll)
    I might enter.. would be a good reason to bring up a few weak points I think I have.

    (Original post by VeryEarly)
    I'll gladly join if I'm not too new here, probably in the fat loss/body recomp section, a few too many mince pies over Christmas I think and it'd be nice to try and find some abs!

    (Original post by eemooz)
    I'm in

    (Original post by Instincts_2012)
    I'm in!

    (Original post by spamking)
    I'm in, any prizes?

    (Original post by Sophie_girl)
    Might be in, want to decrease body fat %!

    Who decides who wins, is it a vote?


    Ok here goes

    Included a seperate picture with todays paper, I hope that is ok.








    Starting Stats:
    Weight: 14 stone
    Height: 5'11''

    Starting Measurements:
    Chest: 40.5 inch
    Waist: 37 inch
    Hip: 39.25 inch
    Bicep: 14.75 inch
    Thigh: 25.75 inch
    Calf: 16 inch

    OK here goes, might as well lead by example since I am fitness mod!

    Starting stats: 165cm, 76.0kg. Aiming to lose fat.
    Measurements -
    Chest: 85cm/34in
    Waist: 80cm/32in
    Hips: 106cm/42in
    Mid thigh: 60cm/24in
    Upper thigh: 67cm/26.5in
    Calf: 40cm/~16in
    Upper arm: 28cm/11in


    Apologies for the terrible photograpy skills. Hope the date pictures count!


    This is the result of not training for a month and being too lazy to adjust your calorie intake to make up for it

    Also, one thing I have learned from taking these pictures is that I apparently lean forward and to the left when I stand, should probably sort my posture out!

    ah well, good luck everyone!
    Attached Images

    First proper porker to post Looking to loose weight, have lost 1lb already but with the last few weeks being a bit fraught i haven't stuck to anything (or gained so thank God!) Really looking forward to this!


    Yeah you can't see the date on my pictures but I don't hope to win anyway, just thought I'd post them anyways.


    171cm, 69kgs.

    Goals: Realistically, lose a bit of fat. Dream goals: Bigger arms and less fat on my hips and back (and a more toned bum).

    EDIT: bit late but proof is in the picture properties (I hope that's still accepted)


    Well I may as well get it out of the way and put the pictures up




    (Original post by commandant)
    Is there any other poses / positions needed? (I'm going to try get another picture of my back because the ones here are poor res.)

    Here be mine:



    Hopefully these upload, I couldn't find a way of framing my computer (desktop) in the shots as I had to mount the camera on my bookshelf but I've included file data which should confirm their validity - taking pictures of myself in my underwear isn't a usual occurrence! I'm leaning towards fat loss but I put in the front double bi just in case I put on any muscle inadvertently.

    See you all in 12 weeks...!
    • Thread Starter

    Thread updated.

    Keep the entries coming!

    right so..... i been eating really crap for the past 3 months now and slacking in gym, so now its time to lose the fat i put on.

    all im interested in, is going from the size 32" waist i am now, to 28".... and getting my bodyfat to around 7/8 %

    but pics only really focus on my stomach, cos thats all i care about...

    If i win, i dont really care about the prize, i'm donating my prize to whoever i think has made the best change.....cos im a nice guy like that

    Here are my pics. Aims are to add mass (especially to my arms, shoulders and quads) and then cut to 7-8% bodyfat.

    Attached Images

    **** it. I'll bite :ahee:

    Aim is to get to 10-10.5 stone by the end of the competition
    Realise the bra is ill fitting but everything else is in the wash.

    • Thread Starter

    List updated

    11 entrants so far Keep them coming!!

    (Original post by commandant)
    Ok I'm doing it for weight loss (a couple of stone) and hopefully some muscle tone (but entering for weight loss)





    Date Images:

    And here is the link of the news article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-16380918

    Although I would usually be embarrassed to do anything like this, I think that by me having these images up it will actually keep me motivated :yep: Let me know if images are ok (trying to take with a touch screen phone was a nightmare!)

    Lordy...here goes...

    My starting stats are:

    Height: 5 foot 3
    Weight: 126.5lbs
    Waist: 26.6
    Hips: 33.1
    Bust: 33
    Upper arm: 11.5
    Thigh: 21.2
    Calf: 14.2

    Goal is to lose body fat, and really tone up. I'm not overweight but I don't look great either. I want to look great.

    Also I've scribbled my face out but I have an identifying tattoo so people I know may be able to identify me, oh well!

    As regards to getting the date in, I've done a photo with the BBC News website for today and also that date website but they aren't too clear, hope this is OK. If anyone wants me to do more date pics I'll figure a way!
    Attached Images

    Much time, effort and bravery were the cost of these.

    Aim is to be leaner and tighter.

    Stats: (more for my record)

    5 ft 1
    146.6 lbs
    Attached Images

    So, I bored everyone with my moaning about worrying about posting these photos last night. I'm still not entirely sure I want to be doing this (the photos I mean, I'm really excited about the contest itself) but I know it's something I'm going to have to do if I want to succeed with this weight loss.

    In my head, I still think I look 18 stone. I'm not attention seeking; anyone who's ever lost weight whether it be a pound or 100 pounds will tell you it's hard to adjust your own self image. But anyway enough blabbering. The photos are below, I hope they're alright. I know the "back" one is a bit of a weird one but I couldn't get the angle right. But it'll be just as weird when I take another in 12 weeks so I guess it's equal at least!

    Good luck to everyone. There are some wonderful bodies out there who I think look wonderful the way they are! .

    Starting Stats:

    Height: 5'9'' (although that's kind of unlikely to change lol..)
    Weight: 12st 11lbs.

    Proof of date:







    Guys, cut the arguing. Nobody wants this thread filled up with crap. If it continues, warning points will be issued.


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