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AQA GCSE English Language Paper (10th Jan 2012)

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    errg your lucky im sitting my english language exam this may and im freaking out. Question one is about retrieving information so the question asks you something particular that you need to pick out from the text. It has 4 bullet points on it. all you have to do is search for that particular information and write in your own words make it short remember you don't have much time. make sure the information is related to the question and you should be fine .
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    I'm have this exam in May too so if you guys find any good resources, let me know please :P
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    can someone plz help me, i have 3 English exams in may and im trying to revise for them nw but a bit confused do you kw the poetry exam when you have to write about an unseen poem do u have to write an essay about it and if yes then what should i write in the intro.
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    a good way to revise for english is to do a lot of essay question which you can get from the internet
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    anyone know how to write a good informative piece and how to write to explain.... im sooo stuck on them :/ cannot find any useful info about how to actually approach these two help would be appreciated!
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    Oh yeah sorry I meant may and I thought the bullet points for only given for the foundation paper, whereas I'm sitting the higher paper. :/
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    Meeeh never mind then!
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    The exam is next week.
    Has anybody got any tips on the style of writing? i mean i saw the questions on the first page of this thread and didnt know how to start.
    we did a moc of this i got a C in it but i want at least a B or A.



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