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Essex Nightlife

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    i was just wondering how good the nightclubs are and what there is to do there compared to London where i am now.

    thanks (:
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    Theres the SU bar, then 2/3 levels that play different stuff. Music is the general club stuff, although you do get alternative nights/dnb nights/random stuff like latin music nights.

    Check the Essex Student Union website

    Also, a bus ride away in Colchester is Liquid and quite a few bars.

    Edit: But mainly, flat parties in the towers is where people usually end up.
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    It depends where you go in London to compare it

    Its going to be a bit more quieter because these less people, but its still pretty good fun
    Campus has a club and bars that are open every night and play all sorts of music
    Town has a few bars and clubs, town is nice during the week as normally you have student nights, at the weekend I wouldn't brother about the town because campus is cheaper

    you are only a 50 min train ride away from London, these a few bigger towns near by, Chelmsford or Ipswich

    night life is what you make of it
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    (Original post by CallMeLo)
    i was just wondering how good the nightclubs are and what there is to do there compared to London where i am now.

    thanks (:
    There's only one nightclub in Colchester which is Liquid and Envy, I wouldnt recommend going there though unless your into getting massively overcharged for a massive nightclub which is about 20% full most of the time. Typcally it mainly attracts chavs and oldies trying to recapture their youth if im honest.

    Having said that there's loads of "bar-clubs" that are really popular which is where most people go. The main one is probably Missoula, student nights on Thursday with £1.50 Jagerbombs. Wednesday they have an acoustic night which is really popular and Sunday nights they sometimes have House music nights. All in all its the best place to go in Colchester along with Yates which is a few doors down and pretty similair although like Liquid that often attracts the squaddy/chavvy type. Straws is a decent place to go at the beginning of the night for pre-drinks, £1 shots, but its a bit out of the way and is about a five minute walk from the main bars. It has a pool table and stuff aswell so on the less quiet nights which is basically any night other than Saturday its a nice place to go and chill, although having said that on busy nights it does get absolutley heaving. There's not really any other music based bars, if you go up North Hill there's a few places there like V Bar but they're a bit scrubby and really small and attract wrong'uns.

    To be honest Colchester is a decent place to go out every 2/3 weeks, but its not the kind of place you can go out every week because there's not enough decent places to stop you from getting bored. Ipswich is only about a 20 minute train journey, and Chelmsford is about 30 minutes the other way which is really good.
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    Thanks Ash_TJ. That really helped The only thing I'm kind of worried about is that I don't drink, like AT ALL so if I will find bars attractive is debatable. Hopefully the music will compensate for this and if i do still end up attending Essex, maybe still have a nice night out?

    Cheers again
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    As a fresher it's very rare to go out into town, everything you need is on campus really.
  7. Online

    I live in Colchester and it's rubbish for a night out.

    The Uni is okay, but pretty standard fare.
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    Hi guys. I'm a medical student - will be based at Colchester general for 4weeks from tomorrow.

    How far is the hospital from Essex uni? How can I get there?
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    Also I'm look at your su website- places like mondo / sub zero. Are these on the Essex uni campus?

    Also I'm not an Essex uni student so is getting in an issue?
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    One word: ****
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    (Original post by T-Toe)
    One word: ****
    Really ?
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    Reassuring to say the least.
    Shame the train prices are so dear - cant afford to hop on the train back to london every night!
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    (Original post by ACollins)
    Really ?'s not terrible but it's not great either.

    The night is what you make of it.
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    (Original post by T-Toe)'s not terrible but it's not great either.

    The night is what you make of it.
    night life is what you make of it, its not a massive student town like Manchester or Sheffield, but it has a few clubs and bars, london is 40mins on the train, a cab into Chelmsford between a few of you is not that costly
    The uni has a fair amount of events and as a student you will spend most of your weekends going out on campus because it is cheaper
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    (Original post by hellomoto123)
    Hi guys. I'm a medical student - will be based at Colchester general for 4weeks from tomorrow.

    How far is the hospital from Essex uni? How can I get there?
    It's the other side of town, not within walking distance at all.

    You'd probably be best walking to North Station and getting the 62/61 to the Uni (I'd advise 62, 61 takes a diversion).

    Or get a bus into town and get a bus from there.

    Either way, try and get a month-long bus travel card thing as they'll be your main transport.

    Colchester Gen seems a good hospital, always been good to me the rare times I've been in there.


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Updated: April 23, 2012
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