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Football Jokes

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    Don't see anybody whining about Young's constant diving.
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    (Original post by Jim-Jam)
    Don't see anybody whining about Young's constant diving.
    The English don't dive bro, only the foreigners.
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    (Original post by Deshi)
    The English don't dive bro.
    Of course, the English saviour to the game... Who hardly played in the white shirt until he moved to United. Predictable. :adore:
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    Quality. My money's on Carroll going over the summer, or rediscovering his inner 'goal scoring machine' :beard: In other news.. Kuyt, 'lol'
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    Manchester City. 'Nuff said.
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    The Titanic cost £200m. So did Liverpool's current side.

    One is a sinking ship.....The other was the Titanic.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Arsene wenger is standing outside the cinema on his own for 20 minutes, he seems to have been stood up so he gets his phone out gives the girl a ring.

    AW: Where are you, i thought we were going on this datE?
    Girl: I know but a few friends said to me you were a peadophile
    AW: PEADOPHILE?! Thats a big word for an 8 year old!
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    After being slightly confused at first, the ESPN America pundits decided that Real Madrid had won the Champions league tie against Bayern Munich. After all Ramos scored the only field goal
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    Shouldn't that be a penalty? There was a fowl in the box.
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    Even the chicken found the back of the net of the goal that Blackburn were attacking.
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    (Original post by nonotrly)

    Shouldn't that be a penalty? There was a fowl in the box.

    could have caused quite the goal mouth scramble
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    That steward certainly looked at home with a cock in his hands.
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    Eggcelent handling by Al-Habsi to stop the chicken in its tracks!
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    This racism in football saga just got Messi.
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    Apparently Andy Carroll is hoping for an England Euro 2012 call up. I think he's in with a chance. Somebody's got to wash the kit.
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    Gareth Bale has asked Tottenham to listen to offers for him this summer. Chester Zoo are thought to be favourites for his signature.
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    WBA striker Peter Odemwingie has said that new England manager Roy Hodgson 'brings out the best in average teams'. Explain Liverpool then..
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    John Terry was disappointed when he heard there was a bird on the pitch during the Wigan/Blackburn match.

    He felt better when he was told that the only thing the players got a hold of was a cock.

    Thank you.
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    Feed the Yak and he'll score. There was food right there for on Monday but nobody fed him


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Updated: April 8, 2013
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