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How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?

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    I always go through phases of wearing it, then I just get tired of it. I wore it for about a fortnight in year 10, and for about a month in year 12, and now in year 13 I'll wear it once every two months or so. Makeup is fun, but confusing as hell.
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    I started when I was about 12-13, then stopped for a while and started again when I was 15/16. Now, the only make-up I really wear is on my eyebrows (mine are really sparse, and light - despite being dark haired and dark eyed!) and sometimes tinted moisturiser.
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    In middle school (year 5 to 8) we weren't allowed to wear it, although we could get away with stuff like consealer. I probably started wearing stuff like eye-shadow when I was 10 but only for special occaisions and from those silly girly make up kits you get with the horrible smelling and textured lipgloss. I didn't start buying makeup until I was about 14 or 15 and even then it was usually if I was going out somewhere. At sixth form I started wearing a bit most days but usually only clear mascara, consealer and sometimes eyeshadow 9usually when i'm seeing my BF after sixth form).
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    My Mum bought me my first eye-shadow pallette when I was 10, so I used to wear eye-shadow for special occasions e.g. parties or discos. But I didn't start wearing any other type of make-up until I was 18. My flatmates took me to Superdrug to buy some pressed powder, blusher and mascara. I was bought a lot of make-up and a make-up brush set for my Birthday and Christmas so am enjoying experimenting with that. Now I really enjoy putting make-up on and have been complimented on my make-up and asked to do make-overs and have started to get attention from boys at Uni
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    11 - concealer, foundation, mascara, the lot. I had massive self esteem issues. I used to look so orange! :argh:
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    11 - Mascara, lipgloss etc.

    12/13- foundation, bronzer, eyeliner

    17/18- concealer, better foundation, fake eyelashes and fake tan but only when I go out
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    never played with make up as a child. unless you count using my mothers lipstick as a marker on the mirror! or finding lotions and pouring them down the sink.

    when i was in secondary school the odd day i might wear a bit of eyeliner. even now i dont wear any my skin doesnt need it. on a night out or a important event i will put it on. but i take it off asap.

    i always use moisturiser, simple skin facial scrub, lip balm, spf 50

    im sure everyone in school has seen their fair share of girls with orange faces and orange collars. then they would complain how they have bad skin all the time but how can they expect to have healthy skin when they dont let it breathe and they are drinking every kind of fizzy drink and sweets out there but not eating veg and drinking water. ok bit of a rant but thats just my experience with people who never have a clear make up free face
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    Just wondering too.....did you all just "start" to wear it? Did you feel pressured? Did your mum get you some for your birthday and you felt you should wear it??

    I never wore in when I lived over in the US, BUT when I moved over here I starting wearing it as my Mum had got me some for my birthday (16) and I kind of felt pressured into wearing it..was quite surprised how addicted i came to wearing it (full face- concealer, foundation, powder, blush, mascara).

    Now a days it tends to be concealer to hide the blemishes, eye cream to hide dark under eyes and a bit of mascara and blusher. I sometimes wear eyeshadow and foundation if im going on a nightout. I'm 22.
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    I seem to remember buying some rather sticky '17' clear lip gloss when I was about 9 with my pocket money(!)

    I started wearing make-up on a regular basis when I was about 12, and spots were starting to kick in, although it was just concealer at that point.
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    Over 9000
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    I was never into girly stuff like that. 3 years ago when I turned 12 my adoptive sister (who was 24) bought be a whole bunch of eye shadow and stuff.. I started wearing eyeliner at 13 and now at 15 I wear eye-liner and bit of eyeshadow (for special occasions) and maybe a bit of lipgloss.
    Still not overly into all the concealer and stuff but I couldn't live without my eyeliner!
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    I'm 16 and a half and still don't wear it on a daily basis, but I guess I started wearing it for special occasions and going out around 15?
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    (Original post by Kenan and Kel)
    Over 9000
    A little young there don't you think? ;P
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    When I was 12, in that ripe year of American Idiot being released, I hurled myself into greebo life, and not knowing how to apply make up (or anything else about it for that matter) slouched around wearing brown eyeliner (nicked from my mum; couldn't afford my own with my pocket money) about an inch away from my eyes because I was too scared of poking myself in the eye if I got any closer.
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    When I first posed as Stefano, assistant to Montogomery Montgomery, a senior herpetologist. Unfortunately I was discovered by the Baudelaire orphans soon after.
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    (Original post by ehc)
    When I was 12, in that ripe year of American Idiot being released, I hurled myself into greebo life...
    LOL! This reminds me of a boy who lived a few houses down from me and once when school started back in Sept he proudly announced "I became a greebo this summer"
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    About 13 but didn't start wearing it properly until 15 or 16.
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    I was about 15 when I started wearing mascara and eyeliner but don't wear foundation daily just moisturiser.


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