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    (Original post by PinkMobilePhone)
    Okay, cracking back on with this now. I've been calorie counting but it's not going brilliantly.

    As of yesterday morning, 9 stone 13lbs 8oz. (I'm 10 stone exactly today but I came on so I'm bloated, so I'm ignoring that).

    I managed to see 9 stone 11lbs last week but it quickly disappeared again which is frustrating.

    Pic of me yesterday :

    Hubby and I have decided to do the "pre-op" diet again for a week and see how that goes, and then go onto 3 weeks of calorie counting, and then another week of pre-op diet. Okay so he's not having the surgery now, but it's a good diet lol.

    So, starting today, "pre-op" diet again.

    Might as well blog it, I lose my motivation when I'm not waffling on!
    Looking good hun!

    Good on you for getting back on it, but you are looking fab. What's your aims? I'm gona keep popping in for motivation :bigsmile:
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    (Original post by shorty.loves.angels)
    Looking good hun!

    Good on you for getting back on it, but you are looking fab. What's your aims? I'm gona keep popping in for motivation :bigsmile:

    thanks hun

    I wanna lose a stone. Get down to the high end of the 8 stone range - so maybe 8 12 or 8 13, something like that. Then I wanna maintain that.

    I'm going on holiday on 7th Sept, so if I can do it by then, that'd be splendifferous
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    So far so good. I've had :

    30g sultana bran for breakfast,

    a pear for a snack,

    50g grilled pork loin (fat cut off), with 30g (uncooked weight) rice, and 100g (uncooked weight) mixed veg, with curry powder for lunch,

    and just waiting for dinner, which is going to be turkey, mash (made with just milk from my milk allowance - no butter), and mixed veg.

    Really wish I could have some gravy with it haha.

    Gonna have 10 grapes and a muller light later.
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    dinner was actually rather yummy. Had to salt the mash though - would have been too bland otherwise, but hey ho.

    Didn't manage to go out for a walk today though, which was annoying, cos we ran around like headless chickens buying fodder from Tesco and Iceland, and then got the kids from school, and then the turkey legs took AGES to cook - plus Alex popped his inner tube on his bike so I had to go to the bike shop and buy him a new inner tube, and then it took Phil hours to change it for him.....


    By the time we ate it was 7pm, and kids go to bed at half 7! Which is probably why now, at half 8, they're still yammering in their beds. "KIDS SHURRUP AND GO TO SLEEP!!!!"

    Anyway, getting slightly off tangent there......

    So, no walk, but hopefully that's just a one off. Man I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow, I want the exercise! (So does the dog!)

    Hmm which flavour muller light shall I have? vanilla with chocolate pieces, banana and custard, or toffee? Decisions decisions!
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    9 stone 12lbs 6oz this morning. Alright!!! I knew this pre-op diet was a good idea. Now if I can just lose another pound I'll be back down to the lowest I've seen (if that makes sense).

    When I get to 9 stone 10lbs I'll probably do another youtube vlog.
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    Nat wants Burger King!

    Nat isn't going to get Burger King!

    Nat is sad!
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    9 stone 11lbs 8oz this morning.

    I forgot to eat 2 portions of fruit yesterday (as per "pre-op" diet). I only ate 10 grapes and I meant to eat 20. Doh. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk (or lack of grapes indeed).

    So yesterday I ate :

    breakfast :
    30g sultana bran with skimmed milk

    lunch : 50g pork (fat cut off), 30g (uncooked weight) rice, 100g (uncooked weight) mixed veg, curry powder.

    dinner : 50g bacon (fat cut off), 100g (uncooked weight) tinned tomatoes, 1 small slice toast.

    snack : 10 grapes, 1 muller light (toffee flavour)

    also had 2 cups of tea using the rest of my milk allowance, and an abundance of diet ribena with diet lemonade.

    Oh yeh and I did about an hour and 20 mins walk (an hour up to school and back to pick up the kids, and then an extra 20 mins going to the shop to buy the tinned tomatoes for dinner).
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    subscribing for inspiration

    you look fantastic pmp! good luck with it again
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    You do look amazing Nat - well done!
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    thanks both of you xx

    Righty, 9 stone 11lbs 2oz this morning. Come on where's that 10 when I want it? lol.

    Had a bit of a row with hubby this afternoon about this week of 'pre-op' dieting. He's finding it really hard to stick to, which I can understand, usually with the calorie counting neither of us struggle very much, but I'll be honest, this is largely for his benefit.
    He wants to get down to being below 22 stone (so around 21 stone 13lbs thereabouts) before we go on holiday. At the rate he is going though, he's losing on average half a stone a month, so I calculate that with calorie counting he will be down to 23 stone (he's currently 24 stone 7lbs).
    However, by doing the pre-op diet previously for just a week and a half, he lost a stone for that month.
    So that's why I suggested it in the first place, doing this week of it, and roughly one a week like this per month until we go away on 7th Sept.

    But now all he's doing is moaning and groaning about everything he wants to eat. It's only another 3 days for goodness sake, you'd think he could hold out.

    To his credit, he says he is going to stick it out, but he's like a bear with a sore head. Goddamnit I'm normal BMI, it's not urgent for me, but he's the one that's morbidly obese for goodness sake, with the unrealistic expectation of wanting to lose just over 2 and a half stone in 3 months, without doing something relatively drastic.


    Okay, right, keep calm and carry on, as they say!

    here's what I've had today :

    breakfast : 30g sultana bran with skimmed milk

    lunch : 50g bacon, 100g tinned tomatoes, 1 small slice toast

    dinner : 150g white fish (pollock) with some fish seasoning, 30g (uncooked weight) rice, 100g (uncooked weight) mixed vegetables

    I'm gonna have 20 grapes and a muller light yoghurt soon. Banana and custard flavour methinks. NOM!

    I must admit, there are a lot of things I'm craving too. Everything I can't have. I've just been making up the kids packed-lunch-party-food to take to school tomorrow for their jubilee party. Sausage rolls, ham sandwiches, tomatoes, apples, crisps, and rice crispy buns with smarties on top. I SERIOUSLY wanted one of the sausage rolls!!
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    Conclusion - I need to buy smaller bras.

    Pre-kids I was a 34B

    during breastfeeding I've been as high as a 38DD

    last year I was most definitely a 34C, which is what I'm still wearing, but now, they're far too big around, and my cup sizes are massive. I'm thinking I'm more like a 32B or something. I've got no support there at all, and in fact when I wear my strapless one it literally starts falling down a bit during the day.
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    So glad you're back wooo! I missed your updates :P. Good luck getting down to your goal I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!
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    (Original post by xoxAngel_Kxox)
    So glad you're back wooo! I missed your updates :P. Good luck getting down to your goal I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!
    thank you!

    ooooh we're at the same BMI! *does a little jiggle*
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    (Original post by PinkMobilePhone)
    thank you!

    ooooh we're at the same BMI! *does a little jiggle*
    Are we?? Fab *hi-five*
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    9 stone 10lbs 8oz

    get in there!!

    *dances somewhat unsteadily (given that I'm tired) around the room* hehe
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    Well, after having eaten a ludicrously early lunch today (if you watched my video above, you'd understand why), by half 3, after having picked up the kids from school, both hubby and I were starving, so we decided to have dinner.

    A sorry looking half-burnt pork loin, some rice, peas and sweetcorn certainly admittedly did take the edge off being hungry, but MAN it was a depressing looking dinner.

    The pre-op diet is doing my noodle in now, but I do indeed have the power of will, so I shall persist. Back to calorie counting on Monday - I can't wait lol.
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    9 stone 9lbs 8oz

    weight dropping off but I want all the food I can't have lol
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    9 stone 10lbs 4oz this morning. Have no idea at all why I've put weight on, but I know I'll get a plethora of cries of "don't weigh yourself every day" so anyway....

    Last day of the "pre-op" diet today, and I'm quitting a third of a day early. Breakfast I did, lunch I did, but we're having chicken-tikka pittas with salad for dinner from the takeaway. They aren't that many calories, and I am just so fed up of fish (we were due to have fish again tonight). Fish and pork/bacon, that's all we've had the entire week for lunches and dinners.
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    okay, so came off the ruddy pre-op diet and gained weight. 9 stone 12lbs 8oz this morning. To be fair I did come off the diet rather spectacularly badly - Monday I had a burrito and Tuesday the hubby and I had a day at the cinema (3 films in one day) and on top of eating an entire packet of butterkist, we also ate out at the handmade burger company, and that just about killed me! I couldn't even finish my burger, those things are the size of saucers!

    So, yesterday I behaved but I'm still packing the extra pounds. Got in lots of low cal stuff though so hopefully will get it back off soon. Generally I find that if I've had a couple of naughty foodie type of days, I gain fast but lose it relatively quickly as well, so I'm not overly worried. it's the plateaus that get to me more.

    So far today I've had 30g sultana bran flakes with skimmed milk. Approximately 165 cals thereabouts.


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