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Take Me Out 2012

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    the lights are going off quicker than i thought
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    (Original post by Stray_talk)
    I actively dislike Chelsea.
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    I laughed so hard when the girl turned her light off after hearing 'kind to animals'


    Poor guy though. He seems nice and actually pretty intelligent. If I were a girl I'd deffo go out with him.
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    Bec :facepalm:
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    I bet some girls leave their lights on just for the holiday.
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    Charlotte, moron, go away and licky your elbow.
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    He's much better than the last guy :dontknow:
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    Me + you= perfection

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    Deliverance style.
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    (Original post by This Honest)
    Did you see Bianca, she left today sadly :sad:
    She was absolutely gorgeous
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    Bless his nana, haha. "Have you got anyone to bring round for tea?"
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    What an inbred, lmao.
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    He just played Dueling Banjos.

    I don't even care that I'm a straight guy, he's lovely, clever and likes music. I want him.
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    (Original post by Mess.)
    Charlotte, moron, go away and licky your elbow.
    Do you like ANY of the girls on there?
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    So he likes folk music...jheez, some these girls are bit picky considering they're on this show
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    Some fit lasses on here like.


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    (Original post by I'mBadAtMaths)
    She was absolutely gorgeous
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    did someone say this guy's a TSR member?
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    Bless him! "This is the worst thing ever... I'm so sorry!"
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    the welsh one is fit.


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Updated: April 11, 2012
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