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AQA AS Geography resit January 18th 2012

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    it wasn't too bad tbh i dont think. Possibly harder than other years and i didn't see the 8 mark question til really late on what it was really asking you to do but all in all was meh. Is there any bit anyone else struggled on ??
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    Got 116 out of 120 marks...

    so happy!
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    140/140 UMS
    How do you find out your actual mark out of 120?
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    (Original post by emelizabeth)
    140/140 UMS
    How do you find out your actual mark out of 120?
    I got 140 too
    ask your teacher to log on to the aqa website, it says your raw mark on there
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    (Original post by emelizabeth)
    140/140 UMS
    How do you find out your actual mark out of 120?
    wow well done, how did you structure your essayss?
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    Urm just standard essay structure really.
    Introduction - address the question.
    Main body - Just make sure you take notice of the command words in the question like 'discuss', 'evaluate', make sure you always give two sides to an argument. Maybe include your own opinion.
    Conclusion - Just make sure you address the question again, maybe look to the future what might happen/ change etcetc.I just ramble really haha, I guess it helps doing English Lit A level too!
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    112/120 yay
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    (Original post by sticklebrick93)
    112/120 yay
    its out of 140 UMS. Sorry

    (you still got an A )
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    yayayyaya got a A !!!


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Updated: March 19, 2012
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