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Your Claim to fame!

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    My mum once ran over Alan Shearer's foot with a pram with me in it.
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    Apparently the drummer in Jamiroquai went to my school. Wow.

    Seen quite a few famous people in London though, best of course being 'The Hoff' at gumball last year.
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    I've represented England at 4 events in the Olympics. Have also played for the full England side for Rugby and Cricket (Friendlies) .
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    Trisha Goddard was a customer where my dad used to work.

    Someone I was quite close friends with when we were about 8 years old, was an extra in the film Atonement.

    A BBC Look East reporter lived in this house before my parents bought it.
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    I am iron man
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    Chatted with a (drunken) Nick from My Family

    Also, my parents sat opposite Jedward, who apparently looked like crap
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    Tinie Tempah went to my sixth form St. Francis Xavier
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    Hi TSR,

    Do you have a claim to fame?

    HTML Code:
    1. This probably doesn't count but Oliver Cromwell was my ancestor.
    2. Aaron Ramsey (Welsh Captain and Arsenal Midfield) went to my school.. I was in year 7 at the time.. if only I knew.. :-(
    3. The Funeral Directors on Stella is outside my house, and Ruth Jones was on our portch talking to us.. will be seeing her when they film the next season :D
    Well Gareth Bale and Sam Warbuton went to my school....and in November Sam came back to do a training session with the boys and i was satnding next to him :smug: :P
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    I pushed Zooey Deschannel's mum's car to get it going when she couldn't get it started. Zooey Deschannel was there as well.

    Or at least I'm almost certain it was her, only remembered her name after she left, the whole time I was trying to think were I recognized her from.
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    Brian May taught maths way back before Queen in my secondary school.
    My uncle played for Simba fc and Tanzania national team, he later on became an established businessman in TZ.
    My friend played a girl called Christmas in an episode of Ultimate Force.
    Nick Clegg has visited my sixth form for a tour for his son.
    Boris Johnson came to my secondary school in the lead up to the mayoral elections.
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    My great great grandmother and Steve Mcqueen's grandmother were sisters.

    And my brothers mate's dad is the fat guy off of The Real Hustle.

    EDIT: have also met Kevin keegan (I say met, I got his autograph) and I went to primary school with the nephew and neic e of Billy Davies.
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    (Original post by Rock_and_roll)
    My great Aunt used to be friends with the dad of Robbie Williams ¬¬

    I've also had a short chat with Joey Barton; a surprisingly nice guy.
    I've appeared in a video with Robbie Williams.
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    Well mine is pretty gloomy, but my Dad laid the floors in Fred and Rosemary Wests house. I heard they recently demolished the house because no one wanted to buy the house that was connected with serial murder, so all my dad's hard work was for nothing!
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    My dad went to school with Eddie Izzard. He has a school photo with both of them in it which is pretty cool.

    My best friend's cousin is friends with Hugh Laurie's son and she's been skiing with him. I was very jealous of that!
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    I don't really have anything to attribute my name to, but my Dad is very involved in the International music scene so I've met and dined with a lot of big people through that including Darrin Mooney from Primal Scream, Rick Drumm (ironically an excellent Jazz drummer) from D'Addario & Company, Frank Catalano (most feminine voice ever award goes to this guy) and the founder of Sax.co.uk (biggest UK sax retailer) used to be in my Dad's band.
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    Jude Law is my dads cousin
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    My second cousin used to compete in the olympics (horse riding)
    John Taylor, bass player for Duran Duran, once asked my mum to dance in a club and she said no
    James and Oliver Phelps went to my school
    My nan knows Noddy Holder
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    (Original post by JBateman)
    Well mine is pretty gloomy, but my Dad laid the floors in Fred and Rosemary Wests house. I heard they recently demolished the house because no one wanted to buy the house that was connected with serial murder, so all my dad's hard work was for nothing!
    My friend's husband used to live in the house where Fred and Rose West killed their daughter, is it the same one??
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    calvin harris went to my school
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    1) I've met Anthea Turner (when I was about 7).
    2) I've been to the same swimming baths as Mr Motivator!!!!
    3) I've been in my local paper.
    4) Both Stephen Twigg MP and the guy who played Fagin in the film 'Oliver!' (I believe) went to my secondary school.
    5) I took part in a discussion on Radio 4 a few months ago!


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