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    Hello all!

    I did post a thread the other day about AUCB. Do you know anyone who goes there? Who's applied this year, and had an interview or an offer at least?

    I'm 20, applying for the Interior Architecture BA degree, and have my interview soon. I'm quite nervous, but confident when discussing my portfolios.

    Do you know anyone at all that has applied, or who has had an interview at AUCB? (Also known as the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, or Arts University College Bournemouth).

    Please let me know, cheers!
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    I have applied there too, sent it off last week. Im applying to do fine art. I have a few friends that go there and they love it, theyre doing textiles and fine art but one of their housemates does interior architecture and when i went to stay with them she was saying how great the course is. when is your interview and where else have you applied? xx
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    You alright? Yeah had my interview today, so finger's crossed! Have you had yours yet? X
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    hi im applying for interior architecture and design, where else have you applied to?
    i have three interviews coming up and im really nervous, i dont know what to put in my portfolio as i dont have any interior architecture, design related things

    any advice would be appreciated, thank you very much!
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    Aww how did it go? was it scary!? no still waiting for an interview, only sent my ucas off last week so still waiting and getting quite impatient already!! is aucb your first choice? xx
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    Ello! Yeah the interview was alright, more of a chat and relating to what you know and what you wanna do when you finish. I do graphic design A level, and the interviewer seemed to be ok with it all - got an offer today! AUCB here I come, so bloody happy, it was my first choice yeah! I just know so many people who have been rejected as they get a ridiculous number of applicants. Where have you applied for? How well have you guys done so far?
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    aww that is so soo great aucb is amazing, really pleased for you!! They get in touch quite quickly after interview then thats great. Ive applied to aucb, brighton, uwe in bristol, chelsea and loughborough but bournemouth is my favourite by far!! and i only sent mine last week so still waiting for interviews atm how long did they take to get back to you with an interview? xx
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    Was so happy, such a relief, love it down there. The guy said he would be in contact within the next 5 days, but did it the following afternoon ha! I also got into Plymouth, which is also amazing, and Solent. Have an interview at Herts and Falmouth but there's no need, I've got my first choice!!! Just wish that there was more accommodation/halls X
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    i loved the look of falmouth and plymouth but i live so sooo far away bournemouths still quite far but its easier to get to. yeaa it is harder to sort accomodation but everyone i know is really happy with their house and i think house sounds more fun than halls, lots and lots of house partiesss gonna keep my fingers crossed for my interview now aha! xx
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    Yeah, you'll be fine! Houses sound good!!! It will be cheaper as well. Just be yourself, sounds cliche but they're looking at your personality as well, show your commitment and if you can try and have a versatility in your portfolios. Show them your passion and think about designers that have inspired you, as well as things you wanna eventually go onto when you graduate. They aren't testing you, just wanna make sure they're choosing the right people for the right course, and they wanna see if you have researched into it properly. I live in hertfordshire and Herts uni offers the same course, obv I don't wanna stay at home, and he asked me about it and why I wanna go to AUCB. Where are you based and what course have you applied for? Have you had answers yet from other unis? X
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    heya! i sent off my application yesterday. im also applying for aucb but for the make-up for media and performance course. when did you send your application off/ i didn't realise they would be doing interviews straight away? i'm really hoping to get one as i am applying as a mature student anyway so i think i should have more of a chance but was really hoping for a bit of time to get some work done for my portfolio as im not too sure if i have enough at the moment and im not happy with my work i have from school as i did it all about 8 years ago. does ucas send you details on what the portfolio should include as i dont have a college or tutor to ask advice from?
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    Yeah that's cool, I'm 20, but they didn't seem to bothered about age unless you have a good portfolio and can do the course... Depends if you have work experience and are returning to H.E after being in a job or something... Yeah you should be cool, what qualifications and experience have you had? I had an interview already because I sent my application off at the end of November. My mate at college is applying for the same course, her interview is on Weds! She's been asked to present an art based portfolio, plus some evidence of make up design that she's done, as well as a sketchbook with notes and research... For the course I got into, I do graphic design at A level so that helped I guess, but I'm much more arty rather than graphic, if that makes sense? Don't worry too much, just show how enthusiastic you are, and I'm sure they'll know because your a matured student. This is the link they sent me on the email when they invited me to a portfolio, click onto it and then click onto the course you've applies for and then it says all that's needed... Let me know if it helps! X

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    cheers! i don't have any experience in the make-up field at all. i did a levels in art and textiles when i was in 6th form but then realised that i didnt want to do a degree in any of the traditional arty subjects and couldnt make my mind up about what to do so have just been working in nursing as i still enjoy it but don't want nursing as a career, i found the make-up course when i was researching for any options that really stood out to me because ive always known i wanted to pursue an artist career and it sounds amazing! ive got a lot of portrait work as ive been commishioned by people for work the last few years and i have some of my old a level work i could use but i dont really like and also some life drawings somewhere but im not sure if its going to be enough so im just hoping the quality will make up for things. ive been working on a few pieces as well the last few months but its the research side of things im really not sure about because obviously i havent been doing any project work. i just really hope i get an interview so that im given a chance really. ill check that link out now!thanks
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    Yeah know what you mean, I'm 21 soon and decided last year this is what I wanna do, so returned to ed to get into uni - best decision by far! You should be ok, they flick through your work really quickly and they look at their fav bits. If I was you, I would prob build up a small portfolio on make up, just to show your commitment, photograph the work and then they can look at it on a CD or print the images... Also have you looked at their Year 0 courses? They may offer that to you, and they're good if your not 100% confident? X
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    when i went to the open day last year they said they werent interested in make-up experience but more in portrait and figure work which i know i am strong in so i havent been worrying about the make-up side but now ive seen that portfolio list im not so sure cos it looks like they would quite like to see some. do you think i should buy a ringbound portfolio cos ive just got the sleeves like loose in a normal one at the moment.i just checked out the year 0 courses as well. thats really good that they do them but they dont do it fr make-up which is a shame.xx
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    I am 17 and I got an offer from AUCB two days ago. Happy! And they didn't even invite me to the interview.
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    well done! which course did you apply for? did you have amazing grades though because I don't, that's why i'm really hoping for an interview :s
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    I applied for Film Production and have an interview on the 23rd feb. Quite scared, don't know if my portfolio will be strong enough.
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    I literally have no idea if my portfolio is enough or not. I don't know how many pieces I should put in it either and I definatly don't have much in the way of showing research but I haven't been in education for 8 years so will they still expect that from me? I work full time and don't really have the time to make up my own project work? I'm sure if you can talk confidently about what you want to do though and show enthusiasm and genuine passion for the subject then you are half way there.
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    Film Production


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