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    I was a bit retarded with my exercises today.

    Squat 75kg 3x5 - form's improved
    Press 40kg 3x5 - probably foolish but I'm gonna carry on with these instead of dropping the weight
    Pendlay rows 50kg 3x5 - MAYBE shouldn't have done these today because I did a set of DB rows on Monday. Idk.

    Also did a set of 7 with a moderate weight on the shoulder press machine IN THE HOPES of helping my presses. Probably won't though.
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    Didn't back squat today - wanted to give my hip a break.
    Front squat: 60kg 5x3. First time front squatting. Pretty fun.

    Bench press: 57.5kg 3x5. Fine. Form was more comfortable. Confident I'll get lmao1plaet!! on Wednesday.
    Close grip bench press: 50kg 1x5.

    Deadlift: 110kg 1x5. Forgot my chalk - used mixed grip. I don't like mixed grip .

    Reverse grip lat pulldown (adding weight to the pullup bar can get you banned in my gym apparently...): 50kg 10,9

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    Hey there.

    Squat: 80kg 3x5 well this sure felt easier than last week.
    Press: 42.5kg 5x3, I'm trying 5x3 to see if it helps, okay.
    Reverse grip lat pulldown thing: 8 (54kg), 6 (59ithink?), 6 (60something).

    I'll pick the cleans back up on Friday.

    Grip work-
    Two-handed pinch grip deadlift - 40kg (2 plates) x 1, 50kg (2plates+10kgplate) x 1
    DB hold (sat down) - 42.somethingkg, held for 10 seconds in each hand.
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    Squat: 85kg 3x5 not too bad
    Bench: 60kg 5,4 (failed rep 5),4 UGH. I think my chest is failing me.
    Deadlift: 115kg 1x5. Still keeping a double overhand grip, not bad so far.

    Mixed day I guess.
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    Haven't eaten well in the past two days and last night's sleep was short and interrupted. I only decided to go to the gym at the last minute.

    Squat: 90kg 3x5
    Press: 45kg 3x3. Had barely energy to press today. I'm still experimenting with a grip width that's good for me. At the moment my thumbs are JUST outside the ends of my shoulders.
    I'll go for 3x5 on Wednesday anyways.

    Gym was too busy after this so I couldn't row or clean. Went upstairs and did 2x9 100somethingkg on the leg press machine and a set of 9 and 6 on the lat pulldown machine, both around 70kg.
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    Two hour walk to gym today. Bad idea.

    Squat 95kg 3x5

    Bench 60kg 5,5,4 **** THIS **** I HATE MY BODY
    Close-grip bench press 45kg 1x6 nothing impressive

    Deadlift 120kg 1x5 grip almost failed in left hand on fifth rep. Time to switch to mixed grip I guess.
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    Couldn't get to gym again this week.
    Went and threw stones around instead.

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    - Press 45kg 5x3 not bad. Pressing before squatting seems to help.
    - Squat 97.5kg 3x5 FINALLY making progress again on the squat, **** YOU HIP .
    - Pendlay rows 55kg 3x5
    No room to do cleans agaaaain
    - Zercher squat 60kg 3x3 just as a cool down after the back squats.

    Not bad considering I had one workout last week.
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    - Squat 100kg 3x5 I'm so proud.
    - Bench 60kg 5x3, felt easier
    CGBP 55kg 1x5 lol shaky thin wrists
    - Deadlift 125kg 1x5 almost **** myself near the end. Probably won't do another 5kg jump next time.
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    Emasculated today.
    ****ed my knuckles up yesterday so it was a little painful to squeeze the bar.

    - Press 47.5kg 3,3,3,2,3. Pretty tough. I start my reps from a dead stop so idk pressing's hard for me. I guess I'll redo this next time.
    - Squat 102.5kg 4,4f,2gaveup.
    ****ing...I don't know. I suck.
    - Pendlay rows 57.5kg 3x5. Think I'll switch to DB rows now.
    Completely forgot about cleans.

    Did some DB skullcrushers and used the leg curl machine for assistance. Probably won't do anything.
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    squat 102.5kg 4, 1-gaveup. Hip hurt - will see what's up on Wednesday (physio app.). It doesn't even feel ****ing heavy on my back. I hate it.
    Gonna change to the olympic squat and see if it's any better on the hip.

    bench 62.5kg 5x3 fine
    close-grip 57.5kg 1x5

    deadlift 127.5kg 1x5 easier than last time somehow.
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    Tried olympic squattin - it bugged my hip even more.
    No ****ing clue what I'm gonna do about this.
    Saw the doc, he was running late and didn't have much time for me. Made another appointment for October/November () and told me to take up swimming to see if it helps the hip.


    - Press 50kg 2, 1 don't know why I went with this weight when I didn't get all of my reps in last time.
    Did a few reps of 47.5 and 45.
    - DB row (neutral grip) 30kg each, 6,6,6
    - Dips 10,10,5 (not to failure)
    - Cleans 40kg 5x3 just working on technique. I'm not being explosive enough yet. Some reps were good though.
    - Did some work on the leg curl and leg press machines as a poor substitute for squatting.

    I'm gonna roll around on a tennis ball and see if that helps.
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    Tried box squatting.
    Nope. Still uncomfortable. Pain is still there when I squat around and below parallel.

    - Bench 65kg 5x3
    Close grip 57.5 1x5
    - Deadlift 130kg 1x5...tuff stuff. Might fail the weight on Wednesday...we'll see. At least the reps aren't grinding yet.
    Two cool down deadlift sets with a snatch grip, first with 90kg, second with 60kg.
    Some work on the leg press and ab crunch machines.
    I'm not really doing SS properly with all these assistance exercises
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    Running Westside for Skinny Viking Bastards until I sort my hip out.

    (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...=920894&page=1 if you're unfamiliar with the routine.)

    Monday: Upper Body Max Effort
    Bench press - 67.5kgx4
    Pendlay rows - 50kg 8,7,6,6
    Dumbbell flat bench press - 25's (each hand) 7,6,6
    Face pulls 12,12,15
    Barbell Russian twists - 15kg ~14, 10, uhhh 12 I think.

    Bench wasn't too hard but I didn't have a spotter so I left it at four reps.
    Basically starting with lighter weights for the other stuff today because I've only really worked with five reps an' I didn't wanna underestimate how difficult a lighter weight would be.
    Upping my protein/calorie intake from today also.
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    Wednesday: Lower Body Max Effort

    Deadlift - 132.5kg x 5. Really hyped this weight up in my head beforehand but it was fine, surprisingly. No grinding reps yet.
    Front squat - 50kg 3x8. Lower weight to see how my hip would cope. No pain.
    Hypers - 3x8. Didn't try them weighted because it was my first time.
    Ghetto GHR's - 2x8 holy mother of Cow these kicked my ass.

    You are getting strong .. keep it up !
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    ^ Thanks!

    Gym was EMPTY. Err'body at the beach.

    Friday: Upper Body Repetition Effort
    A. Repetition effort Bench variant
    Flat bench, 50kg - 12, 6

    B. Vertical pull variant
    Pullups - 6,5,4. Suck at these.

    C. Medial Delt/Trap variant
    Shrugs - 60kgx10, 70kgx12, 80kgx10 didn't have much of an effect...

    D. Triceps supplemental variant
    Rope pushdowns - 6platesx10, 7platesx6, 7platesx6. Dunno how much the plates weigh...

    E. Curl variant
    EZ bar curls - 3 sets of 20kg (plus however much the bar weighs) x8

    F. Ab circuit training
    Mix of decline sit ups, hanging leg raises and side bends with a 32.5kg dumbbell. Felt like I was gonna throw up at the end.

    Will swap flat db bench for bb overhead press in my next upper body session.
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    Lower Body Max Effort
    A. Squat variant
    Front Squat - 60kgx5, 70kgx3. Hip was okay.

    B. Pull variant
    Romanian deadlift - 3x8 60kg. Dunno if it was my form or the low weight but I didn't really feel these as much in my hamstrings...

    Weighted hypers - no benches free so I used the back extension machine - 3x8.

    Ghetto GHR's - 2x8.

    Not bad I guess?
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    Upper max effort

    Had to rush my session today.
    Bench 70kgx4 had a spotter and the third rep felt...easier...
    This was tough anyway - I'll rotate next time.
    DB rows 32.5kg (each) 10,10,8
    Tried 47.5kg OHP with my form changed - even one rep was tough. Left it and used the incline DB as a supplemental press instead.
    Incline DB bench 20kg (each) 10,10,can't remember. Haven't inclined before so I picked a lighter weight.
    Face pulls 15,12
    Skipped ab work, had to leave.

    Soso workout.
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    Alright so what would you guys say I should have as my next max effort bench variant, out of incline and close-grip?


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