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The Caffeine Society (I)

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    (Original post by AliceHeart)
    Coffee literally makes my day 10 times better! haha
    So true How would we cope without?!
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    I only rock the coffee, no energy drinks/pro plus for me thanks
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    (Original post by *Bubble*)
    So true How would we cope without?!
    I refuse to do ANYTHING until I've had a coffee xD
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    Since I've been back on night shifts I sleep roughly 4 hours, get up, have a full day and then work another night, repeat.
    I wouldn't be able to stay awake if it weren't for energy drinks. I start at midnight, so it's an awkward shift, you can't sleep beforehand so it's a stay up, sleep in the morning jobby which I can't do, I'm an early bird and I never nap.

    Still can't do coffee even though I love it, bloody migraines.
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    Slight bump/slight actual post.

    Bought a 1 mug (3 cup) cafetiere today, perfect for getting a single cup of fresh coffee. It's the little things in life I guess
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    I have 2 caffeinated drinks per day on average. About 80% of my caffeine intake comes from coffee and the rest from Red Bull. I don't drink Coke.
    I crave a coffee when I have lectures early in the morning, and I feel like I can focus better on things such as essay writing and revising after I've had a cup of coffee. Most of the time I buy a take-away coffee from Costa/Nero/Starbucks, but I have a cafetiere in my student accommodation which I sometimes use to make fresh coffee. It tastes quite watery though though, no idea what I'm doing wrong. We have a Nespresso machine at my parents' house, which I really like. I usually use 2 capsules per cup which makes the taste even more intense and rich. As soon as I get my own flat (probably in September) I will invest in a proper DeLonghi coffee bean grinding espresso machine.
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    Typical for caffeinated folk to wake up after 3 weeks ffs :rofl:
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    I prefer drinking red bull or energy drinks to coffee, but having a hot latte in the morning with a cigarette is lovely.
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    Long live Costa coffee!
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    Currently drinking:

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    Hmm any suggestions for what to try at starbucks next time? :holmes:
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    Right. This is the Caffeine Society people, why are we all so asleep?
    Not enough caffeine?
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    My friend POURS sugar from the bag, like 6 spoons worth in one cup...what the ACTUAL f? He thinks it tastes boring without :lolwut: Its a bitter drink thats the point! If you can't handle the bitterness your tastebuds aren't mature enough to drink tea/coffee.

    I can't even watch people putting sugar in their drinks.
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    People asleep again?
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    Woo coffee. :woo:

    I forgot how much I love it. I went to starbucks for their free coffee the other day and really really really enjoyed it. So much that I bought a coffee machine today and a big bag of ground coffee. Hell yeah! :cool:
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    Starbucks and their name writing. Has out me right off :facepalm2:
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    Oh how did I not know about the caffeine society. I don't know where Id be without it!
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    Yeah, the Thread is alive again!
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    Starbucks... free...coffee....what?! FML
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    Gotta love tea :dance:


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