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Guys who are 5ft10-6ft1 tall, how much do you weigh?

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    5"10 and 63kg
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Just curious what a normal weight should be.

    This post misuses the anonymous function.
    Before posting as anonymous please read the guidelines here.
    Just use a BMI (body mass index) calculator you lazy oaf.
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    6.0ft, 84kg. Very active, not chubby or fat.
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    5 ft 10, 153 pounds and growing.
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    6ft 3 182 pounds, 15.7 % body fat (i just measured it all :P)

    i know i'm over 6ft 1 but oh well
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    6ft 1 and around 14 st 5-7. I'm quite bulky/broad/muscular, but not toned at all really and a little bit chubby in the stomach region. Looking to get down to a comfortable 14stone. Need to cut out alcohol, but it's far too tempting!
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    ~88kg (193lbs, just under 14st)
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    6'1" and 220 lbs (15 stone 10lbs). Oh, and I have a gym rather than a pie eating obsession!
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    6ft 2, 130kg

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my GT-I9300
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    (Original post by Venom)
    6'2ft and last I checked in the area of 7-8 stone.
    :wtf: Seriously?
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    I'm over 6'1" but oh well, I'm 6'3" and 110kg.

    Reasonably muscular and chubby around legs and a bit around stomach. Hoping to be 100kg or less by the end of the summer.
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    6'1 82kg ... wish more of it was muscle and less of it body fat ¬_¬
    bulking to 90 then cutting, hoping to end up a lean 82

    Long term goal is 90kg lean (maybe in 5 years?)
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    187 cm (6"2)
    Was around 76KG last time i weighed myself but probably around 70Kg now as i've dropped three inches off of my waist
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    (Original post by HFerguson)
    6'1 82kg ... wish more of it was muscle and less of it body fat ¬_¬
    bulking to 90 then cutting, hoping to end up a lean 82

    Long term goal is 90kg lean (maybe in 5 years?)
    Always try your best. You'll get there
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    I'm 6'3" at 82/83kg just over 13 stone. My BMI apparently is 24, but I lost nearly 10kg of fat recently.
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    I'm 18...6ft 1 and weight just over 11 stone
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    I'm 18, 6ft 1 and weigh just over 11 and a half stone.

    I guess I should state that I don't really work out. (Or at least, I've only just started). I'm also a vegetarian. (I lost over a stone when I converted over 4 years ago, but since put it back on)
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    (Original post by Aisha~~)
    Always try your best. You'll get there
    Dont worry bro lol I'll try
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    (Original post by #JayJay)
    that's what I tried to do but I didn't gain very much weight. I just ate more and more, even if it's junk food and whatnot but it got me nowhere.

    but i'll follow your advice
    At my gym there is this machine that tells you your weight, fat %, BMR etc. You should use one of these to get a rough estimate of your BMR. Your BMR is your basic metabolic rate, it will be about 2000-2500 calories. Mine is just below 2000. Basically, eat below this you will lose weight, eat above this and you will gain weight, assuming no major exercise is done on that day.

    Basically, the reason why you're not gaining weight is because you're not eating enough. You're probably an Ectomorph - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ectomorphic like me. If you have an iPod/iPhone, Android or Blackberry handset, i suggest you get this http://www.myfitnesspal.com/mobile/ It's a wonderful app for counting the calories, so easy to use too! Then you can really find out if you're eating too much, you can also adjust it for exercise, as being active causes you to lose calories but the app can calculate approx how many calories were lost to give you an accurate description to how many calories you have consumed in that day,

    Just keep eating like a boss but a bulk is also harder if you're not at gym. If you just eat lots and lots without lifting then it is likely that all you will gain is fat.


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