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Fashion retail management @ birmingham city uni

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    Hi everyone!

    I was just wondering if anyone who has applied for the fashion retail management course at birmingham city uni has heard anything?

    I was the first out my college to send off my ucas and so far no response.

    This is my top choice by far, really hope i hear something soon!!!

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    not heard anything yet, it's my top choice too may I ask though why is it your top choice?
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    Ah cool! So nervous! I went to the opening day last year and actually fell in love with the course! Walked away thinking 'I'm going to work my bum off this year!' ha ha. I'd love to set up my own business within fashion or be involved in fashion buying in the future. I have my fingers and toes crossed! How about you? How old are you? x
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    I haven't been to an open day but I'll be going to the feb one I'm looking forward to it, it's my top choice too the course looks like one of the best ones going out there.
    I'm 20 but will be 21 when we start in september. I've left the whole thing a bit late but better late than never haha,
    I'm doing an NVQ till then in management and visual merchandising keeping me busy haha.
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    Aw that sounds good! Hopefully we may be together then on the course I feel like I'm gonna be a oldie on it! Fingers and toes crossed eh xxx What do you need to get ? x
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    haha yeah we can be the oldies in the lecture's :P, I've done Alevels and that so I got all the points so we'll just see if I get an interview. What about yourself? x
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    hi guys!

    I have also applied for this course, it is also my first choice. i thought the whole structure of the course is fab, the modules look really good too! i sent my application off last Saturday, also left the decision to study this course quite late :mad:

    are you both from Birmingham?

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    (Original post by jroberts138)
    Aw that sounds good! Hopefully we may be together then on the course I feel like I'm gonna be a oldie on it! Fingers and toes crossed eh xxx What do you need to get ? x

    i saw a post you had made on another thread, you're studying Business Studies right? I honestly wouldn't worry, i've come from studying Business, and then went onto Law at university! :rolleyes:

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    (Original post by K_Kaur.x)
    hi guys!

    I have also applied for this course, it is also my first choice. i thought the whole structure of the course is fab, the modules look really good too! i sent my application off last Saturday, also left the decision to study this course quite late :mad:

    are you both from Birmingham?

    I'm going to the open day soon so will look at how good it is, but looking at the course it really did seem to be done quite well and I like the fact that we get industry placements, so you can gain experience

    Doesn't matter if it's late as long as you've applied we all just need to wait for interview dates now eeeeek

    I'm from near birmingham but not birmingham itself I literally live 30/40 minutes away.

    Where are you from?
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    yeah the course looks great and we'll be learning about so many different things! I am currently working in retail which is another reason as to why I want to study this course. the open day was fab, really made me want to study in the fashion field.

    I'm from Birmingham, the city center is about 20 minutes away from me.

    I sent my application off before the deadline, think i'm just really worried and nervous about whether or not i'll even get an interview! what sort of things are you doing to support your portfolio?

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    yeah same I work in retail not in fashion though I sell perfume lol

    Awh nice see it's great being so near to brum because we'll know our way around the place anyway and can show other people around

    You should definitely get an interview there's no reason why you wouldn't just stay confident.

    In my portfolio I have some photo's I've taken when I styled my sister and boyfriend lol and I've got some sketchbook pieces and some stuff I've written but I don't really know what kind of thing they are looking for?
    What about you?

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    exactly Birmingham is fab, there's so much to do and the Bullring is awesome

    well someone I follow on twitter has apparently already had an interview for Fashion Retail Management :confused: which is a little weird as the deadline was last Sunday and I thought they'd start interviews later.. so I don't really know what's going on there!

    Oh fab! I think they just want to see you have some creative skills and a genuine interest in fashion. I spoke to one of the teachers on the open day, i told her my situation and she told me to include everything and anything that I feel will help my application.

    I am currently doing a few sketches of outfits and inspiration, i've been taking photos of different window displays for where I work and other retailers such as Harvey Nichols/Selfridges etc. I have started a few mood boards, one being the English Heritage and then another on my favourite designer (Chanel) as i've based my English Heritage mood board around tweeds which also ties into Chanel I recently went to Paris so i'll be doing a review on my trip and will be including some photos and little things like that then lastly having studied Law i'll be including bits of work to show my ability to write etc. I haven't even started half of it so I have so much to do
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    I know birmingham really is such a good city there's always something to do and you can always get a bargain plus new street is like 10 minutes away so you can go practically anywhere from there.

    Wow your portfolio sounds good I'll be very surprised if you don't get in with that. The English Heritage mood board sounds good you can look at so much traditional stuff and brands which are typically English.

    Yeah I've got loads to do sometimes it's just getting the inspiration lol
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    I had my interview for BCU on Wednesday, I sent off my UCAS way back in November though. I can't make my mind up about Birmingham - the woman who interviewed me didn't know anything about the course at all, she said she taught the business modules so is probably more of a business tutor who is just brought in for a few weeks. :/ When i was trying to talk to her about fashion and inspiration she was just looking at me like she had no clue what i was talking about!
    Really put me off, I thought I interviewed well but she just wasn't interacting with me! Also don't worry about portfolios, it might have just been my interviewer but she spent about 2 seconds flipping through my sketchbooks and display folders. I don't know if I'll get an offer or not - should hear back within 10 days though! Meh :/
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    awh no I'd like to think the lecturers knew about fashion regardless of what they teach.
    Let us know if you get an offer though what are your other choices?
    I would like to know of a current students experience there as well to be honest.
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    Hi Girls, good news I have an interview! Was contacted today via email. Wish me luck! Hope you girls get an interview also and wish you lots of luck xx Joannexx
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    PS I'm from Liverpool so it's gonna be some nerve wracking journey for me! Ha ha x
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    I've got an interview as well. But I have no idea what to wear?! help!
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    aww congratz you two, awh wish I could hurry up and get an interview :P tell us what it's like and give us tips lol x
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    ooooh! this is so nerve racking, i'm waiting for them to contact me for an interview (if they do) ugh goodluck girls!


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