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Best Frapes :)

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    Hey guys,

    i have this long standing frape feud going on with one of my friends and I'm kind of running low on inspiration! So any ideas? What are the best frapes you've seen? xx

    Here are some of the funniest frapes (and frape ideas) from this thread so far...
    (Community team update)

    Miracle Day says:
    "I fraped my mum. 'OH god.. I'm pregnant again.. not sure whether to be down or excited!! x'

    "She got many phone calls, posts, likes, congratulations messages. Good times."

    dancingrobots suggests:
    "Putting a status with their login details or a secret or something, but set it so only they can see it, but they won't check the privacy setting and won't realise only they can see it."

    Ellie_May says:
    "I've always loved this one I did to my sister - I love to cover myself in vaseline and roll around on the floor pretending to be a slug. :P"

    The Wild Youth says: "My friend's brother went onto his profile and added the first 30 pages of people called "Dave". It was hilarious."

    YMLT says: "Everytime I get on my mates account I delete 5-10 friends. His friend count has been slowly going down for weeks now & he's trying to figure out why..."

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    I fraped my mum "OH god.. I'm pregnant again.. not sure wether to be down or excited!! x"

    She got many phone calls, posts, likes, congratulations messages.

    Good times.
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    "is it wrong that I find squirrels attractive?"

    That was a friends' status.
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    Changing their birthday is always a good'un. Simple yet effective.
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    I put on my friends a while ago "Gosh I hate black people". That was pretty entertaining. I got a bit of stick for it, but nowhere near as much as him!
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    one of my favourites was when someone changed someones name to their name, their profile picture to a picture of himself and all the personal information to the same as on his profile.
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    One of my friends fraped his housemate saying she had just been for the two month scan and was so excited to be starting a family with her boyfriend. That was amazing!

    Changing the birthday is always fun.

    Changing the relationship status and requesting someone they like to be their other half in that relationship

    The best one by far is commenting on other peoples statuses with brilliantly believable stuff. The best thing is they don't find out until someone comments back.
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    change their name slightly, they usually don't notice lol

    also I think a simple birthday change is best. As we all know, friends on FB are not real, so you can guarantee most of them will wish you happy birthday.
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    on the old version you could change the settings on their statuses, so that they were set on private, and then noone could see their statuses, and they wouldn't know. Not sure if that's still possible.
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    'got the worst ring sting' or 'these piles sting', disgusting I know .
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    my sister fraped me....

    It was pure genious i'll admit.

    She changed my profile photo to a baby scan, changed my status to "baby jack will be here in june" and got my ex-boyfriend to text me saying "omg do you know who the father is!"

    I'd have hated her for it if it wasn't so damn good!
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    (Original post by .Scout.)
    Changing their birthday is always a good'un. Simple yet effective.
    Changing their gender it a nice simple one too, it takes them a while to even realise and in that time you can have a little giggle everytime you see "lisa has changed his profile picture/ It's johns birthday, write on her wall!"
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    I fraped my friends profile with this status...

    "Someone help me please? I met this guy last night and he came back to mine, he liked the dominatrix sorta stuff. He handcuffed me to my bed and put things in places that I don't even wanna talk about, but lets just say it hurts to poo now... anyway he ended up leaving, and left me handcuffed and I can't reach the keys. Someone please come and help!?"

    It received 26 likes, 29 comments and I quote a wall post comment saying "best frape of a life time!!!"

    "that was the most anoying frape ever" - The person who's profile I fraped.
    Like · Comment · 20 October 2011 at 17:18 ·
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    A friend was fraped earlier - "arse is so sore today anal porn is not worth the money xxx"
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    "I lost my virginity for a pound today... knew I shouldn't have bent over to pick it up"
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    whats the point in a frape if its obvious?
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    Message her dad saying the following:

    Hey Dan, don't worry I'm still up for tonight I'll just lie to my parents like I always do and we get get up to the usual

    Then reply a couple of seconds later saying "oh my gosh no!"
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    Also, putting a status with their login details or a secret or something, but set it so only they can see it, but they won't check the privacy setting and won't realise only they can see it. They'll **** bricks xD
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    'I just don't know why XXX is single. He's such a great guy. He's a whizz on the keyboard, he can sing, he can dance, he speaks Greek, heck he is Greek! Who wouldn't want such a man? Ladies, please, snap this hunk up and he could cook you a delicious meal. He's a funny, genuine and a happy-go-lucky guy. You'ld be lucky to snap him up. I wish I could be with him but he is too manly for me to handle.'

    My own handiwork on my housemates facebook about a different housemate who both live in the same town.

    Then there was

    'is dropping out of uni to join a convent. Laters everyone! God loves you.'


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