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Aeronautical Apprenticeship?! :)

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    Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could help me, I've just graduated from uni last Nov and I want a career change. I studied Archaeology in Uni (I know completely irrelevant for Engineering) I kind of got pushed into it, so now i want to do something for myself. I recently applied last year and also this year for an apprenticeship with obviously no luck. Obviously its a male orientated sector but i'm just wondering if being a female and having an irrelevant degree goes against you?

    So I was wondering what things can help you be more successful at applications. I managed last year to get onto the exam but didnt qualify, so i'm thinking I deffo need to look up my Maths as i got a D for GCSE. I know that they have made the test and application a lot harder than it used to be as i have friends and my boyfriend who have finsihed their apprenticeship a couple of years ago with the same company.

    Is there anyone here that has been successful in getting onto an apprenticeship recently that could recommend some things for me to do for next year, i'm gonna keep trying!
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hmmm... maths is very important... at least a B at GCSE and an A at A level.... however for an apprenticehip it maybe different. You may have to do another degree, perhaps a a MSc in engineering or see if the aeronautical sector allows people with non standard degrees, if so then in applications explain the transferable skills....

    i do strongly think it would be beneficial having A level and GCSE maths at the very least....

    PS wait for more replies as i am not 100% sure



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Updated: January 12, 2012
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