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Which postgraduate offer to take? Help plz....

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    Hi guys.
    I am an international student from Hong Kong who has recently received a number of postgraduate offers from different unis in the UK. My offers in hand include:

    1) Uni of Edinburgh MSc in Psychology of Language (1 year)
    2) Uni of Edinburgh MSc in Applied Linguistics (1 year)
    3) Durham University MA in Applied Language Studies for TESOL (1 year)
    4) Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh MSc in Audiology (2.5 Years)

    I am now struggling to decide which offer to take. In fact, I am quite interested in psycholinguistics but I am really worried about the working prospect after graduation. It seems that it would be hard to get a job outside academia/education field, which means I have to aim to read a PhD before I can really a job.

    About the Audiology programme, owing to the recent change in registration for Audiologist in the UK and the decreasing demand for allied healthcare profession, I don't know if it is a good idea to read this degree. Also, the reputation of QMU is of no comparison with other universities above...

    If you were given such offers, which one would you choose and why?
    Thanks for your help!
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    Hi there, What about the audiology programme, won't you be ablr to work as an audiologist once you complete the 2.5 years? I am confused...


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