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AQA GCSE Biology Unit 1 - 12th January 2012

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    yep,yep and yep, all parts of the body that produce hormones are organs...or well the ones i know
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    Hey guys what did you put where it says "Suggest a stimulus"

    I think I put "Pressure/Temperature"

    What did you do?
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    Its pressure, the knee was hit with a mallet like object, i highly doubt its a temperature difference as there was no mention of the object being ice cold/ super hot.
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    Well at least I put pressure. Anyway what did you put about the 6 marks question for evaluate the use of 2 type of drugs (About cholesterol).
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    i put knee jerk test and in brackets hammer to bellow knee (pressure)
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    You have to mention the advantages of statins ( reduces likelyhood of heart attacks), advantages of cholesterol blockers, disadvantages of statins, disadvantages of cholesterol blockers and form your own opinion/conclude which one you thought is the better drug.
    I think i made a mistake with putting a general conclusion as i wrote something along the lines of 'using drugs such as 'statins....blockers' are better than not taking drugs as the benefits outweigh the health risks' which is prob 1-2 marks dropped.
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    (Original post by shibucool)
    Well at least I put pressure. Anyway what did you put about the 6 marks question for evaluate the use of 2 type of drugs (About cholesterol).
    I just wrote what was bad about both of them, and the dangers, and then the conclusion that the second drug was less dangourus
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    That Zorse was pretty cool
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    (Original post by bhamrambo)
    I reckon the grade boundaries are going to be quite high, 52+ ish for A*. I personally found it quite easy and many people in my school did too.
    What did you guys put for 'name an organ that produces hormones?'
    I put pituitary gland but thats not a organ
    So many people wrote that! I put Pancreas
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    How about the one where you have to pick the best country suited for the squirrel habitat.

    I chose Scotland.

    What about you?
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    lol,the zorse was cool. I agree
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    yep i put scotland, highest proportion of 17%.
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    The pituitary gland IS an organ, and the question was to EVALUATE when you evaluate you have to come to a general CONCLUSION. putting something as short as, using ... far outweights the risks of taking ...
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    Like your going to get 6 marks with something as short as that, i think you need to do some aqa specimen papers! evaluation answers must include 'pros' (advantages), 'cons' (disadvantages) and a conclusion!
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    hahah i meant as a conclusion not the entire thing!
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    What was the question and answer about the what the mmr vaccine treats?
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    Just wondering when it asked about roles of FSH LH and Oestrogen do you think you needed to state pituitary gland? Also the second six mark question wasn't assessed on good english was it?
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    ReputationRep: was something to do about what other things is MMR used for..

    I wrote mumps. Didn't know anything else.

    Does anyone know the last question and answer? the competittion one?
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    (Original post by chicken15642)
    Just wondering when it asked about roles of FSH LH and Oestrogen do you think you needed to state pituitary gland?
    well i think so if u write that oestrogen stimulates the pituitary gland to make LH.


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Updated: May 27, 2014
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