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Modern Classical.

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    The Gorecki Totus tuus is stunning imo.

    'O magnum mysterium' by morten lauridsen is equally lovely.
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    I'm really into music by Vasks just now. I love Distant Light and Plainscapes It's very different but just magical! For me anyway

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    Eric. Whitacre.

    As far as orchestral goes then try Nielsen symphonies (he died in 1930s) or some Delius - I'd recommend 'sea drift'.
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    I'd recommend from C20th:


    and from C21st:

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    What about Toru Takemitsu? Although not a Western composer, he was heavily influenced by Messiaen (also great!) and is pobably the most well known of Japanese composers.
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    (Original post by JCC-MGS)
    Modern classical music > 'classical' music imo, I'm on my phone atm but when I'm on my computer I'll edit some links into this post
    Xenakis <3


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