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UWIC Primary PGCE 2012

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    I keep thinking about mine too, I guess that's normal after an interview. The wait is going to be horrible! I have to keep reminding myself that it's not the end of the world if I dont get on. Atleast if it doesn't go the way we want it to we have this experience if we chose to try again next year! Xx
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    Hi beckylouise89, and everyone else!
    My interview was yesterday (24th Feb) at 1pm too! I was so scared, but I actually quite enjoyed the group task. The group I worked with were lovely and we gelled well. Presentation went as well as could be expected, but did NOT enjoy the interview! I think I'm just pretty rubbish at them, I'm really not comfortable in an interview setting! I felt like I answered some of the questions relatively well, but others not so! However I felt the same after the tests, really believed I'd failed, so hopefully I'll surprise myself again :-/
    I know people say to just forget about it now, nothing more we can do, but I woke up at 7am today and couldn't get back to sleep for worrying! Man I annoy myself sometimes!
    I can't believe someone heard within FOUR DAYS, lucky them! Hope this happens for us too, and with positive results! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
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    sheepfrog like u said try not to think bout it, im often overly critical of myself but this time i think it went ok, maybe third year lucky?! i took a friend with me so she could stop me going over and over it on the way home, seemed to work and i slept well last night. honestly dont think i could have tried harder. we'll just have to wait i was interviewed by 2 women who were nice and in my group were 2 girls (1 i found out had done experience at the same school as me) and a guy doing a masters, all nice people so group work was actually fun. good luck
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    Well one of the girls in my group, (Hi, if you are reading this Lucy!) had a friend who had their interview on the morning of the 23rd and they had an e-mail saying they were unsuccessful while we were waiting to go into our interviews (afternoon of the 24th) so I guess they either know if you are a yes or no pretty quickly, which is frightening!

    Got everything crossed at the moment. If anyone finds out either way, please do keep us all posted xx
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    blimey thats quick!!
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    Oh my GOODNESS you're kidding! Well in that case no news is definately good news!
    Aw didn't realise it was your third time applying Rebecca, you poor thing, this is my first time (well, I applied last year but didn't get through to interviews as didn't have enough experience), would HATE to have to go through this again but obviously will if I don't get in this time.
    Will keep you posted...
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    i had interview at uwic 2 years ago (no tests) n didnt get any further cos lack of experience (i was still doing my degree) then last year i got offered a reserve place at bath but didnt accept due to commuting probs, didnt get interview at UWIC that year and this year we'll see!!
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    Well done guys I really hope you hear good news soon! And it's absolutely no problem with the help! It's pretty daunting going into the unknown!!
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    Oh my gosh guys Im obsessed with checking my emails! It's a good job I work or I would be doing it 24/7! Can't stand the wait ! X
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    I know what you mean! The trouble is, I get my e-mails straight through to my phone so even in work I can see if I've had any e-mails. It has driven me crazy all day, soooooo nervous! xx
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    Oh I still check them in work! Break and lunch time, then home time haha it's driving me crazy! X
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    Hi All,

    New to all this!lol.I had my interview on the 10th of Feb and got my offer on the 14th! very shocked but over the moon!Looking forward to September already!Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back..hope they make their decisions fast!

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    Oh my gosh Abi that's so quick especially to hear within 4 days which also includes a weekend. Congratulations! I have been looking at my phone non stop for e-mails since first thing Monday as I had my interview late on Friday. I hope I hear that quickly and with positive news especially as my second choice is now full. xx
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    Oh I should probably ask as well, (to everyone who has been accepted and still waiting to hear), what age group / stage have you all applied to study - foundation or key stage two? It seemed like the majority of people at my audits (on 18th Jan) were foundation but at my interview (on 24th Feb) the majority seemed KS2.

    I've applied for KS2.

    Sarah x
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    Well done all those with offers

    (Original post by welshsarah)
    Oh I should probably ask as well, (to everyone who has been accepted and still waiting to hear), what age group / stage have you all applied to study - foundation or key stage two? It seemed like the majority of people at my audits (on 18th Jan) were foundation but at my interview (on 24th Feb) the majority seemed KS2.

    I've applied for KS2.

    Sarah x
    I have been accepted onto the KS2 course At my interview there was an even pslit bewteen KS2 and foundation phase; 12 of each.
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    Thank you!I was shocked it was so quick but hopefully that is a sign that they are making decisions fast and people waiting don't have too much longer until they find out their result!! I've been accepted for KS2...during the interview process I noticed more KS2 candidates but I think that was purely due to the fact I was listening out for them!lol. It's nice to see that everyone on here is so supportive of each other..I think it's always good to be able to chat to people in a similar position to you!

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    didnt get on, so much for 3rd year lucky. im angry more than anything, there isnt another job i want to do and i honestly dont think i can give any more.
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    Oh Rebecca, I'm so so sorry. I had such a strong feeling that this would be your year. I don't know what to say to make you feel better, you've tried so hard. It's just so unfair.
    I've applied Foundation Phase peeps, still no news.
    Sophie xx
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    Don't give up Beckylouise! If this is what you want to do keep trying! Maybe you are giving your best and you are really good at the interview stage it's just there's so many applicants they can't take everyone on at once. Just think of it as another year of experience. I will reapply and reapply until I get on as teaching is my dream and it will happen when it is meant to and the same goes for you xxxx
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    Also I had my interview on 24th, applied for foundation but no news yet xxx


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