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One direction are awesome.

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    One Direction my arse! Although "you are beautiful" is a catcht tune. Like that "call me maybe" song is catchy. But seriously, they arn't that talented and I would be surprised if one direction are admired a decade from now. They are a fad but are lucky to have gotten themselves in the spotlight and fair play to them for as long as that lasts.
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    (Original post by Hennnaa)
    No need to be so brash about it, clearly fingering yourself over celebs is something you do regularly, because no sane person I know is ****ed up enough to do that.
    You're not in the musical industry, please do not speak, and don't quote this saying that I'm not in the industry either, because you don't even know who I am.
    And you don't know who I am, so how can you say that I'm not in the industry either? Hypocrisy at it's finest.
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    (Original post by Hennnaa)
    says the enormously narrow minded listener. Broaden your musical mind, explore iTunes, you might just save your ears from all that screaming **** you call music.
    >listens to one direction
    >"broaden your musical mind" (lol)

    One Direction fans are about as shallow as they come. All your posts in the music forum seem to be about One Direction, so clearly you need to broaden your music taste. You are a hypocrite wrt everything you say, just shut up.
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    - is a classic example of these ***** ruining a great song, and if I could I would personally asphyxiate every single one of them.
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    the blonde one is ****ing sexy
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    I question what the music industry has come to...
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    (Original post by starienight)
    I question what the music industry has come to...
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    (Original post by vedderfan94)
    Haha that comeback. That **** is weak. Run along now and only reply when you know some music history. You probably think there was no music created before 2004.
    so its final !! you are a maggot that died b4 2004 ! lol ! and finally your comebacks are weaker than a g*** p**i* ! ...... brag about music history !! duh NERD ALERTT !!! again !
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    (Original post by martin jol)
    the blonde one is ****ing sexy
    OMG ikr !!!! actually all of dem are effin sexy !! lol
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    (Original post by Alofleicester)
    What's DBS?

    ey? Not only does that first line not make sense, but I'm far from narrow minded with my musical tastes - I also enjoy some folk, post-rock, ambient, rhythm and blues to name but a few. I just quite enjoy some metal and punk more than other genres. Oh, and screaming - I suspect you don't actually know that much about metal or punk music?
    lol screaming and thrashing is all that they do !! loool ....probably you went to their concert and they broke a mic on your head ........hmmmmmm that would be the reason for your utter nonsense ! and seriously you arent a celeb ! v didnt even ask what you enjoy !!!hahahahahahahaha
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    (Original post by EcclesRose)
    To jump in on this arguement...

    Now, back to this one..

    There's passionate, and when things start to exceed passionate, it becomes an obsession, and signs of mental illness start appearing - your posts and responses give me reason to believe you fall in the second camp.

    As I told a previous poster, I have no opinion on One Direction - they can overtake The Beatles in sales and I still wouldn't care (well, I might be slightly concerned for humanity but I think that feeling would be mutual).

    As for the bitter point, so by your logic, the older you get, the more people hate you? There may be some truth in that but there's many people who by the end of their lives achieve so much that no-one can really resent them - that is, except the people who get offended by the little mistakes that everyone makes. Going on what you've said, it appears that you fall into this camp as well.

    I think if I were thrown out of a window I would be hooked up to a machine with life-support materials pumping into my body instead of responding to your nonsense. Thinking about it, that's a far more attractive choice.
    lol u okay ?! hahahahahahaahahahaaha
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    (Original post by Cannotbelieveit)

    - is a classic example of these ***** ruining a great song, and if I could I would personally asphyxiate every single one of them.
    stfu !! OMG i wanna asphyxiate you now !! they sang it beautifully !!! you can never compare yourself and never will least you should try to support talent......talentless !
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    why is this thread filled with haters when they arent even welcomed ! hahahaha ! DESPERATE im tellin ya
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    (Original post by Alofleicester)
    No, I'm not the thread starter however that doesn't change that the thread title states something as being fact when it's nothing more than an opinion and far from being fact.
    Punctuation freak? You're the person who is using an excessive amount of exclamation marks, I'm just a simple pilkunnussija who hates seeing posts full of illegible gibberish.
    Quite probably, given I'm not a musician, but that doesn't make them a good band.

    Would you care to elaborate on your idea that the location I've offered to be displayed on my posts shows that I'm desperate. If you've got the time/mental capacity I wouldn't mind hearing what exactly you think I'm desperate for.

    Oh, and may I suggest in future making all the points about a post in one reply, rather than multiple ones - helps keep the forum a tiny bit tidier.
    lol pilkunnus ?? what ??! hhahahahaahahah !!!! vocab freak !! seriously you make me laugh i like you ! hahahahaahah!
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    Seriously?!?! One direction are like 5 mini justin beibers!!!!! Just awful -.-
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    Everytime I see this thread title in the recently discussed box, I want to find a baby duck and shoot it in the face :lolwut: You've gotta STOP bumping this ****!!!!
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    You mean *Wand Erection* *Expelliarmus!"
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    Anyone who likes One Direction should be gassed.
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    (Original post by iesians)
    lol u okay ?! hahahahahahaahahahaaha
    I'm great thanks, why do you ask?
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    (Original post by iesians)
    so its final !! you are a maggot that died b4 2004 ! lol ! and finally your comebacks are weaker than a g*** p**i* ! ...... brag about music history !! duh NERD ALERTT !!! again !
    No, your comebacks are terrible. Stop filling your posts with exclamation marks to hide your incompetence. No one will remember them, no one will care for them. You listen to One Direction so your opinion on music is not needed. You are the pollution in today's music industry. Pathetic and shallow little poser girls haha don't make me laugh :rolleyes:


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