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Anyone else disgusted by the frequency of typos on BBC News?

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    I frequently lose sleep over this issue.

    "Disgusted" is probably a bit strong a word, but I am dismayed by the sheer number of typos in BBC reports. I use the BBC's Android app and there isn't a single day that I don't see at least one typo, and often several typos. Don't they have a review system? Let alone checking their own work, they should be checking each other's work as part of procedure. It's true that everyone makes mistakes, but it's very unprofessional for a news or publishing organisation to let typing errors slip through the net. On another note, have you noticed that when you criticise someone's spelling or grammar how paranoid you get about your own comment for fear of severe egg on face! I'm scared to click submit!

    Best not go into the subtitles that go with the news, whatever voice recognition tech they use should be tuned up. The day Thatcher was being buried they were reporting on some petty demonstration going through Aldwich and guess what it came out as.

    I intensely dislike sloppy standards in these things, bad example for the kids.



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Updated: September 13, 2015
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