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Weirdest nicknames given to you in school…

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    I once died my hair auburn and then in Geography class the idiot sat next to me opened the textbook and then pointed at me and 'Rural-AUBURN (urban) Fringe'. So that was me in Geography.
    'Fairy Non-BIo' because I came out as being bisexual (forgetting the bit where it says 'non' before the bi I assume? People in my high school were idiots.

    And then in college I just became 'Mini' because I was the second shortest in our group (the shortest was known as 'Midget').
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    My name is Mudya, and one of my friends calls me Mud Pud. In urdu/hindi 'pud-ee' is a vulgar term for vagina - so in English it would translate into words like clunge, gash, fanny, faj etc. 'Pud' has become a favourite swear word of mine when I'm annoyed with my sisters, and even though I'm being associated with a fanny I've got to admit, it always makes me giggle.
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    "Hardnut" - because this butch girl asked to borrow 10p at lunch and I said no, so she called me a tramp. I said, "surely you're the tramp because you're asking people for money" and she threatened to punch me in the face and called me hardnut every time we crossed paths at school o_O

    "Greenie" - because someone spat their snot at me, missed entirely but still thought they could give me the nickname <_<
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    (Original post by defuzion)
    boner boy cause I got hard in gcse biology over a diagram of a vagina
    Obviously said that for the rep and to troll.
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    (Original post by defuzion)
    boner boy cause I got hard in gcse biology over a diagram of a vagina
    ahahaaaaaaaa you absolute legend an a half considering it was visible ROFLLL
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    (Original post by fuze-mo25)
    we called my ginger friend charizard for a year
    that made me giggle

    (Original post by getoom)
    i was always blinky
    thats so cute
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    I have a dictatorial yet camp walk supposedly
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    In biology my best friend and I are Pinky and Perky...Haven't the faintest idea why...but I am so obviously Perky xD he never decided to specify, it was just a collective term for the two of us xD
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    'Dangerkid' :confused:
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    Yan 2 because I looked like a guy called Ryan.

    Paddington because of my coat.

    Trotsky- apparently I looked a bit like him in AS History.
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    Spandex girl - This was my dream super hero name so a friend of mine made my wishes come true and started calling me it lol
    German girl - For some reason it was unusual for a Bengali girl to be completely and utterly in love with a German rock band (Tokio Hotel! Though the feeling isn't there anymore =/)
    Specs - By the same girl who called me German girl. We had a like-dislike relationship lol
    'That weird girl who likes men who look like women' - I went through a Jeffree Star phase lol. Tokio Hotel's singer used to have very effeminate features before he grew a beard -.- He was beautiful (and here! And here! :love:)
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    Brian, Bernie, Bob, Bryda.
    The first three because they cant find a shorter female version of my name and the last because one kid in like year 9 thought i was polish so my drama teacher thought it would be fitting to give me a polish name now used by my peers.
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    Friend of mine was called Gateau because he looked like the lad who's forced to eat the cake on Matilda. Bruce Bogtrotter? He never lived it down, and liked it himself, even teachers called him it!

    I inherited the nickname Shandy because there was this one day in like year 8 or something when I was in a massive rush to get to school, but I had to grab my lunch from the fridge and put it in my bag. I literally grabbed my sandwiches, an apple (I never ate them but it made my Mum happy when she saw me taking one) and my drink. Get to school, and at lunch I'm sat with my mates getting my food out of my bag....and then I realise I've just pulled out a can of shandy! My can of Coke must have been next to it in the fridge. Mate's thought it was hilarious, teachers didn't! The suspiciously alcoholic teacher "confiscated" it.

    Other nicknames for people included:

    - Sandy (not because his name was Alexander, he had ginger hair...that one stuck too)
    - Hugh (after Hugh Hefner. Every school year has that one lad who's just a bit TOO obsessive over girls and their lady-bits, well we had ours and we called him Hugh)
    - Elbow (he could lick his elbow.....:lolwut:)
    - Dingle (honestly don't know why, but everyone called him Dingle, even he forgot why he was called it, apparently it came from when he was a toddler)
    - Mini-me (he was tiny, not that imaginative)
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    (Original post by de_monies)

    I have a dictatorial yet camp walk supposedly
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    We used to play a game back in primary school which was tag but instead of saying 'tag, you're it' we said an offensive name like 'poo-face' and who ever was on when the bell rang had this nickname for life. I got the nickname 'saggy' which everyone still calls me to this day. Worse thing is that my nickname was the only one that's actually stuck.
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    (Original post by medbh4805)
    People call me Nicolas or Tsar (this came about in AS history class last year).

    Hence my dp. :yy:
    Nicknamed of Tsar Nicholas II - bless
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    Captain Creamy.

    And my mates continue to call me "Creamy".
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    My nickname was the destroyer from football. I've also inherited a lot of footballers as nicknames, such as Solskjaer, Hangeland, Riise, Makelele

    All my nicknames are connotations of my names or are Norway related.
    Such as Melba toast, peach Melba, melbasaurus, Melbu
    I was nicknamed a pig rapist because I was stupid enough to show how much that term offended me.

    I was also called acne by the low IQ juniors because of my horrific dry skin.

    My all-time favourite is Thor
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    My head of year occasionally called me "commando" after I fell in a canal on a school trip. He overheard me saying to my mate that I brought a spare pair of everything apart from boxers. Thankfully he moved schools that summer.
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    (Original post by Planar)
    Because Medbh is a completely inept ruler, useless in countless ways - just like Nicholas II, or NII as I used to call him
    Bless him, must have hurt that his wife was German AND sleeping around. Russian History = EPIC


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