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Weirdest nicknames given to you in school…

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    Some of my friends call me Beanie.
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    "The 15 inch kid"

    No idea why...


    Seriously though I don't have a weird one myself. Though a kid with second name 'Barker' got 'Barks le Farks'. Still have no idea what it means, just sounds right
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    At school my nickname was "Stierlitz" ...
    At institute I already was "Caesar" .
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    best ever school nickname ive ever heard is "half a jam sandiwch"
    if you say his first name quickly it s sounds like half a jam. n his last name sorta sounds like sandwich and something was needed to complete the phrase...
    needless to say he hates it

    me and my best friend were reffered to as the two ronnies by my biology teacher and form tutor in sixth for because we both used to wear leather jackets and they'd rarely see one of us without the other which apparently reminded them of these two bouncers off of some old tv programme
    also quite ironic cos we were 2 of the smallest girls in 6th form...

    my brother gets some good ones too because he's very darked skinned - turkaturka is my favourite

    and my boyfriend gets called house of by his friends because his name is fraser
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    Nicknames in my were hilarious!!

    daku (means robber in urdu)
    julaab (means pile of **** in urdu)

    and many more!
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    Shadow because of my habit of moving really quiet and turning up where people didn't think I would.
    Spare ribs because someone once threatened to eat me but being so skinny they said I would be only good for spare ribs.
    Hammy, Hamster, Hamslice and Mr Slice where all variations on my surname.
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    Donkey ****.
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    My username, superlogon. Because in primary school i helped my friend log onto her account and she thought i was super at logging on. It stuck.
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    In year 4 I had a really nasty perforated ear drum so had earache for ages afterwards and the cold made it HELL. So my Mum gave me a trapper hat (you know, a hat with ears - ironically they're really popular now) to keep my ears warm. I was called Norwegian Girl for the next THREE YEARS.
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    (Original post by That Bearded Man)
    I think I may have to simply leave you in your delusion
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    For wearing a trapper hat? I live in Norway and I've never seen anyone wear a trapper hat.
    Yep. They decided that only someone from a very cold place would wear one. And then decided Norway. We were 9, it wasn't very logical!
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    Danni Filth - because my name is Danielle =P
    East Lancs - because i'm 6ft tall
    Busty - because of my stupid surname =[
    Dangles - again because my name is Danielle
    Yell/ Foghorn - because i'm quite loud =\
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    Bog Brush and Stumpy Joe.
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    (Original post by medbh4805)
    I think I may have to simply leave you in your delusion
    Welcome to the phenomenon of "differing opinions"
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    I've had various nicknames, although none were at school - Mushroom (no one ever worked out where it came from, but it well and truly stuck!), Posh (when I was working in a fairly rough area of Bristol, because I speak in a fairly neutral accent rather than thick Bristolian) and Slut (because I wasn't).
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    Everyone calls me jazzamaspaz because my name is Jasper, and I'm clumsy... Even teachers!

    I tripped myself in biology today and dropped my folder and it kind of exploded everywhere...
    Teacher:"woops! Looks like jazzamaspaz is here then.."


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    my PE teacher gave me the nickname nudge for some reason?
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    any more?
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    My boyfriend and I were nicknamed Fluffy and Cuddles . . . they're rabbit names, and I shan't go into why. :facepalm2:


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