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Do you wear perfume daily?

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    Yep I wear pefume everyday, unless I'm having a lazy day :P
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    I wear aftershave daily :sexface: A friend bought me some when I said I'd never owned any before (I hadn't - it's expensive!) and now I swear by it.
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    Yes, Polo Black forever <3
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    I wear it everyday, however mine aren't very fancy ones, I wear the Gwen Stefani Harojuko Lovers ones, they're really nice. I have "Music" and "Lil' Angel"
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    I wear my perfume every day, my mum works in Boots so I always get perfume from her at birthdays and Christmases because she can get some of them really cheap - there's a couple of days in the year where employees get 50% off on top of their usual discount, which adds up to about 72.5% off, so she can get a £50 bottle of perfume for like £13 so she always stocks up for me I think she's got me my presents for the next decade or so
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    I wear perfume daily, it always makes me feel better if I'm having a bad day - at least I smell good even if I'm feeling rubbish
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    No, not brought any perfume for an absolute age!.I just use impulse, my fave is the New York one as it smells a tad like "Be Delicious" by DKNY.
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    If i remember then i wear it everyday. I always wear body spray though Boots vanilla :sogood:
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    I agree there's a noticeable difference, but it costs a lot more. I save mine for going out
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    I actually don't- shock horror!

    I'm only 15 though and only wear it when it's a occasion!

    I just always think a nice shower and decent deoderant is enough. My mum wears alot so maybe that's put me off it. I tend to think most of them are a bit overwhelming tbh.
    I actually hate the fact of using up a bottle because i'm a bit of a cheapskate!

    I don't think many people in my school do actually :P
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    (Original post by .Heather.)
    Light blue is one of my favourites too - wear it almost everyday. I started off with a 25ml and now I have to get the 75ml bottles
    Yeah, what I love is that it's not too light but not too strong either. I love citrus-ie perfumes in general.
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    never used perfume unless i was going somewer ... but got a nice versace and another perfume that smell nice n havebeen using it daily since
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    Everydays cos my fragrance smell too good and I can never get tried of them.
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    I'm very paranoid about how I smell, though I shower daily, always use deodarent, etc, and people always compliment me on smelling nice, but I'm still paranoid, so yes, I wear perfume every day - I also usually have a spare bottle of it (as well as deoderent) in my handbag.

    every day, I wear one of the following:
    Chloe EDP, Armani Code EDP, Chanel chance eau tendre, Ghost the fragrance, D&G number 3 (L'imperatrice). I will also wear most Calvin Klein perfumes, but what I listed are my favourites.

    I don't like cheaper perfumes. I think they generally smell horrible and the smell fades after an hour, whereas with what I wear I can still smell it on my clothes the next day.
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    Yeah I put it on every day generally My favourite one of the moment is Lacoste - touch of pink but it doesn't last very long as it's just an eau de toilette. I'm going to ask for a nice eau de parfum for my birthday I think. Might go and have a quick look for some nice ones now!
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    When I have college I mainly use just a simple body spray. Currently using Ted Baker body spray ( got a free rubber duck with it )

    I do like to wear aftershave to college, but I would prefer to wear a really nice one when I'm going out with friends. I don't know if anybody understands but it doesn't seem so special if you wear it all the time
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    I didn't used to (apart from the brief phase I went through when I inherited my mum's Chanel No. 5), but since I rediscovered my Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom that I got a few Christmases ago, I wear it most days, apart from if I'm not going out. I adoooore that perfume though, and I'm not big on the idea of celebrity perfumes!
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    I guess so :P I wear a vanilla perfume which only costs around £9 from the body shop almost everyday, but on nights out, or days where I just want to feel a bit more 'uplifted' I wear Daisy by Mark Jacobs Eau So Fresh, wouldn't wear it everyday though as its too expensive! Both smell amazing, but the Mark Jacobs one lasts all day x
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    (Original post by Emor)
    I bought some perfume for the first time yesterday. Prior to that I thought it was a bit of a con and that body spray sufficed but nope perfume's definitely a lot more noticeable!

    I was just wondering how often people wear their perfume? I have a 100ml bottle of CK summer and it cost £13, I was planning on wearing it everyday, though idk? £13 doesn't seem that bad every couple of months, but I think it was cheap because it was on sale.

    Opinions? General discussion regarding perfume for a newbie?

    I wear it everyday unless I'm only staying in the house or going to the supermarket I have Lacoste Touch of Pink as my "every day" perfume, CKin2u as my going out perfume and Armani Diamonds as more of a special occassion one because it's dearer
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    (Original post by laughylolly)
    Yeah, what I love is that it's not too light but not too strong either. I love citrus-ie perfumes in general.
    Yeah, I totally agree - although once, because it doesn't smell very strong when it's on, I must have put a little bit too much on. I had a meeting with my supervisor and he walked into the office and obviously smelt it straight away! He was like " woah....nice perfume" haha . It was quite funny actually, but I'm more careful now I've had quite a few genuine compliments on it though


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