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Flat-mates forcing me to drink but I've got coursework in for tomorrow

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    how long is the coursework, have you started it? Bit silly leaving it till now so....

    Flat party till say..midnight. Back to your room, COURSEWORK TIME, drink, but don't get wasted, the drink will help you de-stress. Do the coursework assuming it only takes a few hours.

    Wake up tired..hand it in, sleep in lectures tomorrow if it comes to it, go job...Jobs a good'un.

    By the way I don't behave like this myself...but it's probably what would happen..as if I hadn't done the coursework by now, I'd probably just cram over night and have fun in the evening.
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    Say you'll go out and get absolutely mashed after exams as a belated birthday party.
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    God, what's so hard about saying no, I've got course work to do???
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    (Original post by jrules0193)
    It is my birthday today....
    Either you want to go party or your flatmates are forcing you? I don't think it can be both
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    (Original post by jrules0193)
    It is my birthday today....
    Delay your birthday for a few days then.
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    (Original post by jrules0193)
    It is my birthday today....
    Yes, I imagine this changes things completely.

    Tell them (and yourself) to **** off. Do your work. Or go get drunk, like you clearly want to. Who cares?
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    No, they're not forcing you to go out. You're just too weak-willed to say no.
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    (Original post by jrules0193)
    It is my birthday today....
    Why would you leave that out in your original post? Point still stands though, you could just as easily celebrate your birthday another night, an assignment deadline isn't the more flexible option of the two...
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    Do your coursework drunk.
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    why leave the assignment till your birthday anyway?
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    Say no, do your assignment. Go out another day.
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    Have a spine, you weak, skinny, pathetic, measly, little, bony donkey!
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    (Original post by jrules0193)
    It is my birthday today....

    It's absolutely your fault for not getting the essay done sooner and then getting "mashed" after as reward!

    Don't tell me - you couldn't get it done sooner because you were getting mashed? :ahee:
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    A birthday can be celebrated at a later date
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    i know what you mean it can be hard to say no sometimes yar? tell them youre ill they cant really argue with it can they and if they press it threaten to chunder on one of them :P
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    While you're out you should re trace your steps to try and find where you left your testicles.
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    Have they strapped you down, pried and clamped your mouth open and poured alcohol down your throat with a gun to your head despite your protests? Nope? Then they're not forcing you. Don't do it if you don't want to.

    Happy birthday!


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Updated: January 15, 2012
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