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Hallam uni interviews for Nursing 2012

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    Hello has anyone had their interviews yet at Hallam regarding Nursing this year? thanks.
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    hiya, yeah I has mine on Friday for adult nursing at Hallam. when did you send your UCAS off? x
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    hiya, I sent it in november!! when did you send yours off? Bet your really nervous!! Good luck hope it goes really well for you, can you let me know how it goes please? Thanks x
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    I've got mine on the 4th of Feb and feel very nervous about it
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    Have mine on 4th too Jane

    Am panicing about the group task then feedback to the group!

    Which Branch have you applied too?
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    I have an interview for mental health nursing on 4th Feb too! So so nervous. I was speaking to someone who went to a selection event for Nursing at SHU a few weeks ago. She said that there is a presentation from the tutors, a group exercise, you are shown a short video and an interview. She added that the group exercise has changed this year and it's about working together to build a small structure rather than discussing a Nursing based issue. She said to research a current health topic in the news though because she was asked her views on a topic of her choosing during the interview. You are also asked a few questions about the video (it's about a patient being admitted to hospital). Good luck guys, maybe I'll seeya there! x
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    hiya I have my interview on the 24th March for adult nursing, really nervous..hope all goes with ur interviews could you let me know how it goes please thankyou.xxx
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    Hi i have an interview on 4th feb too for the advanced diploma adult nursing terrrified. please give me as much info as possible. :/
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    Hi i have an interview on he 4th feb for adult nursing (Hons) 9am! I applied mid december, really nervous too mite see some of you there
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    aww hope all went well with your interviews today!! how did it go?? xx
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    Hey, have any of you guys applied for the PgDip in Nursing? I haven't heard anything back from them yet.
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    Hi guys hope your interviews went well. I applied for Adult nursing Diploma rather than degree in December and have my interview on 3rd of March. Anyone else got there interview then?
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    I had the interview for BA (Hons) Adult nursing on the 4th, I think it went ok but you never know just got to wait and see
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    Anyone heard anything yet from 4th? Am just so bad at waiting...... Good luck everyone!
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    hey guys i'm also waiting to here back!!!! really think it went well but i just want/need to know :-)...

    Makes it worse when you know that they have mde their decision

    Good Luck, let me know if any of you get a reply. I'm checking my UCAS and emails every hours of the working day, driving myself insane haha

    (Original post by loopyluc)
    Anyone heard anything yet from 4th? Am just so bad at waiting...... Good luck everyone!
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    When do you think we will hear! It is actually killing me............... :mad:
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    I'm hoping today!! If not then I'm going to give them a few more days and then they might get a call!

    I want to get excited!!!

    How did you find the interview anyway? WHo did you have? I had the lovely scottish lady xx
    (Original post by loopyluc)
    When do you think we will hear! It is actually killing me............... :mad:
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    Im childrens Branch, but i cant even remember anyway! its all a blur now!

    Fingers crossed for you Sammy!
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    One of friends had her interview on the 4th Feb and she asked when she would hear, they said in about 3 weeks but I know others that heard after 2 weeks from earlier interviews.
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    Recieved a reply today and got a conditional offer!!!! Wooo.... So happy, let me know if you get in loopyluc xx
    (Original post by loopyluc)
    Im childrens Branch, but i cant even remember anyway! its all a blur now!

    Fingers crossed for you Sammy!


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