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Edexcel GCSE History Unit 1 - 17th January 2012

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    How is revision going?
    Which sections have you been studying?
    Anyone need some help on how to answer the question?
    Good luck for tomorrow!
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    I think i'm really struggling with the "Causes of the War" section :/ I'm fine with Cold War Part 2 i think but its just the dates that are killing me, and the thing is with History revision is that if you take long pauses (e.g a whole week of revision) you are most likely to forget everything - and thats my case at the moment, i'm finding my self revising an entire unit a day before the exam. I am stressing.
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    Don't worry, just keep calm. Your priority is not to panic, because if you panic and stress allot, it will make you do badly on the exam. Just think that you're going to do well because you revised, studied and completed exam questions.
    Would I be able to help you on the "Causes of the War" section? Which Section is that?
    I study Section 4, 5 and 6 - All Cold War related.
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    How did you find it?!
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    Well, i found it easy, although, i did struggle on the 6bi and 6bii question. I opted 6bii - Briefly explain the key features of the fall of Berlin Wall. I believe i will get 2 or 4 marks on this question.
    How did you find the exam, Grace? Which sections did you study?
    It seems like the exam was not done by mass.
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    Y'all gon lose 10 points. Ohhh nooooooooo
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    (Original post by Koolio)
    Y'all gon lose 10 points. Ohhh nooooooooo
    Lose ten points from which question?
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    I did 3, 4 and 5. Found it much easier than the Mock Exam...
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    ah i did sections 2,3,4.
    The first 12 mark question i found SO hard to link the factors! arghh oh well i got an A in the summer so it doesn't really matter if i didn't do too well luckily! omg i have the unit 2 russia module tomorrow does anyone else?!
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    Unit 2B - Russia is in June 2012 for me.
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    Does anyone remember what came up in this paper?


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Updated: June 3, 2012
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