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What are you listening to now? V

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    (Original post by bax121)
    Christina Aguilera - Can't Hold Us Down
    i love that song, it always gets me pumped lol
  2. Offline

    Can't stop listening to this

    sorry for the obnoxiously large video, not sure how to make it smaller
  3. Offline

    Let Me Go (Live Lounge Cover) - Katy B
  4. Offline

    All this cool music...I have random and fragmented guitar riffs from my next-door brother. "I Won't See You Tonight" apparently.
  5. Offline

  6. Offline

    Foals - Spanish Sahara. I'm trying listen to the music which was posted by faye.kol.
  7. Offline


    (Prefer the original, 1x10^6 times better than B.O.B's version :mad:)
  8. Offline

    Ain't Nobody - Clare Maguire
  9. Offline

    I can't handle it
  10. Offline

    (Original post by aeterno)
    I love this song
  11. Offline

    Floating Labels, by Wugazi
  12. Offline

    Ed Sheeran- Kiss me. (eargasm.)
  13. Offline

    Arctic monkeys - are you mine?
    Best song of 2012 so far in my opinion, such an epic song
  14. Offline

    I'm Not Alone (Live Lounge) - Chipmunk.

    Listening to loads of Live Lounge stuff. Don't like this at all, although to be fair the only Chipmunk song I like is Diamond Rings. It seems like half the Chipmunk raps I've heard are about himself being "successful" in the music industry, which is a joke.
  15. Offline

    Emilie Autumn - What If :love:
  16. Offline

    Seether- Remedy
  17. Offline

    Gwen Stefani - Luxurious
  18. Offline

    New found glory - Sincerely me
  19. Offline

    (Original post by FelixFelicis)
    Good, good choice!

    Listening to

    Awessssome song.
  20. Offline

    The Streets - Stay Positive
Updated: May 15, 2013
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