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The Legacy of Runescape

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    Post your original rsn if you remember it I bet a few people will 'know' each other
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    (Original post by IGX_RSV2)
    ghjjf is such a n00b
    AHAHAHA, Whatever happened to forehead? Is His Lordship still around? Anybody remember his teamspeak rant?
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    Same here, I still try to balance out the Pros & Cons of wether it did my life good or bad!
    Only played it for less than a year I think but still I had a lot of fun while playing it so I'm not gonna consider the time as 'wasted'. Ahhhh good'ol days....
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    (Original post by And then...)
    AHAHAHA, Whatever happened to forehead? Is His Lordship still around? Anybody remember his teamspeak rant?
    ghjjf is in RSD now His Lordship is still around I believe
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    This game took over my life for a while :laugh:.
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    R.I.P Fat Wrecked!
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    I only got to level 60 something. I thought I was well good. :rolleyes:
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    Called Hustler Goon.

    To this day I still dunno what the name means but I will never forget it.
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    and now my Rsn is "Dalek"
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    (Original post by Politricks)
    Back in the days when Zezima was ranked first.
    I remember when I was in a world where Zezima was once, word spread like wildfire and everyone in that world went to the little village he was in. It was mad.
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    A guy I knows total playtime on it recently got to an entire calendar year somehow, that's just actually scary, he's only 21
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    So glad I stopped playing now though.
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    (Original post by cl_l)

    So glad I stopped playing now though.
    Can't tell if comp cape.
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    (Original post by Jordyy)
    Can't tell if comp cape.
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    (Original post by cl_l)

    So glad I stopped playing now though.
    You could give away the account now....
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    Good times, the pic is incredibly small :L
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    R.I.P Fat Wrecked!
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    technically speaking this game is rubbish.

    nostalgically speaking this game is great.
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    I have so many sets in my bank
    Ahh, brings back memories.
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    Alright guys, I've already posted this in a different thread but I'll post it here anyway:

    I personally haven't played since 2007/2008, pretty much after the grand exchange got introduced and runescape just went downhill from there. I got bored the other day and just happened to check out runescape videos on youtube, and a lot of the top comments (with lots of likes) are for this 'runescape 2006' edition.

    A bunch of guys (one of whom is allegedly an ex jagex mod) are putting together 'Runescape 2006' which is the same Runescape back in Runescape 2006 with no updates. There will be no modifications either, it is supposedly going to be exactly the same.

    Unlike the numerous private servers out there, this one actually seems legit. They're negotiating with Jagex about copyright issues but it's still in a bit of a grey area at the moment. According to the site's facebook group it'll probably launch open alpha within a month.

    Anyway I don't want to come across as a promoter because I'm not. I just feel that the more people who play this, the better. The game hasn't launched yet but 55,000 people have already made accounts.

    Check out this video and their youtube channel:


    The website is www.rs2006.net

    P.S. The game is absolutely free to play and everyone gets free total access to all member features. The way they make money is through donations, but I'm going to wait a few months and see if this server really takes off before donating.


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