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TV pet hates

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    CJ from eggheads, he's a smug prick
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    Leanne of Hollyoaks
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    the only way is essex cast appearing on every show.
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    When TV shows are over produced. At the start, some talent shows were notorious for this, but within the UK, this has appeared to be almost irrelevant now.
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    Laughter tracks are my biggest pet peeve on TV - excuse you, I'm not going to be told when and how much I should laugh at something funny!

    also like others have said above, shows with lots of ad breaks, and when the ad breaks fall five minutes into and five minutes before the end of the show.
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    Amy Childs.
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    (Original post by Steevee)
    Loose Women

    More like Old Women!!.I watched an episode the other week and couldnt believe how old they looked ( well apart from Stacey Soloman).Jenny Eclair reminded me of my 70 odd yr old auntie!!.
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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    Amy Childs.
    I was literally just about to say this...and the rest of that Essex bunch! :facepalm: Just "shutupp" and get off the telly!
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    (Original post by tehforum)
    Why all the hate? I love Alan Carr!
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    On BBC3... they say 'And now [insert show] is on - after [another COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SHOW]!'

    E.g. 'And now Peter finds himself in a spot of bother in Family Guy - after the chavs have a fight in Eastenders!'

    If it is after something then it is not on now is it?!?!?!?!?!?!? :angry:
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    KFC adverts late at night when I'm curled up in bed. Stop making me crave food when I'm winding down to sleep!

    Also as others have said, 'audience laughing' is quite annoying - but even worse when it's played after something really terribly unfunny.
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    No offence to people who like these but...

    'Take me out'

    TOWIE, Geordie Shore, Desperate Scousewives etc. Can't stand the hype around them.


    "The Bachelor"

    Celebrity Juice

    Deal or no deal

    The Weakest Link


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    I like the X Factor sometimes, but not when it takes the mick out of people with mental health issues. There's that woman from Cardiff who keeps going on as she has an obsession with Louis. She gets mocked year in year out. It's terrible!
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    when adverts come on after about 5 mins of a show.
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    The thing that must have happened over 1200000 times in soaps.

    The doorbell rings.
    The character in the house says out loud, even if no-one's there, "oh, so-and-so's gone and forgotten her key again!"
    Surprise surprise, it's someone completely different. Usually something leading to violence.

    A: "I know it's not my place to say, but I really think you should speak to x about y"
    B: "Yes you're right. It's not your place to say". (*smug as though they're the first person ever to come up with that *)

    I could go on all night !
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    ITV and Noel Edmonds.
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    I hate when the television is turned on.

    That really gets on my tits.
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    Keith Lemon. If you're gonna be sexist, do it in a witty and ironic way.
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    Whenever anyone on a reality show says they've been on a journeeey.


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