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OCR GCSE Chemistry A - J244 - A171/02 - Twenty First Century Science - 18 Jan

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    How did you all find the exam today?
    You may share your thoughts and anything else to do with the exam.
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    I found it easy compared to the biology! There were only 2 questions which were tricky the first was the one about how salt moves! I had no idea so made it up but apparently my guess was partly right! The answer was about tectonic plates and ancient seas drying up Also the one mark question bout why the first two results for polymer D were outliers... I still don't know the answer any ideas? How did you find it?
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    I found the biology one much easier! Struggled on how salt ends up buried in the north west of England and what three products were formed when sodium carbonate (can't remember what it was) reacts with sulfuric acid?! Was surprised that there wasn't any questions on crude oil etc, revised so much on their different chain lengths!
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    Lots of people I know struggled on the salt one the three products were carbon dioxide, water and salt (you could put the actual salt but salt is probs just as good) yes I thought crude oil would be in there as well! Never mind. At least there is only one more to go!
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    same as you guys!! the one about salt in the n.w of England was hard but it was waaaayy much easier than Biology

    ............only physics to go!
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    I also found Chemistry easier than Biology but for the amount of salt in NW England I could only think of tectonic plates - we had never learnt about oceans drying up =S
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    We didn't learn about it either but the CGP revision guides are my life haha but eugh physics is my worst but I guess it is just luck about if you get the questions you revised hard on :/ biology was harder because it only had one tick box whereas the chemistry had a lot more multiple choice btw do/did you get study leave? my school didn't but I know another school did
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    I personally found Biology easier, I hated the 6 markers in the Chemistry - esp. because they were mostly explaining graphs etc. which I hate - I prefer the knowledge based ones
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    I am so worried about physics though! Anything you think I should revise extra cos it is likely to come up? :/
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    found chemistry the hardest out of all of them, the 6 markers were insane, they should have been 2 markers, there definitly wasnt 6 markers worse of stuff to write about. How did u guys find the physics??
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    phyics was fine..alot easier the biology


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