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Goldman Sachs Securities summer internship

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    I'm currently looking for student accommodation to rent in London this summer during my internship- if anyone knows of anything please let me know.
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    I dont want to rain on anyone's parade, but I cant imagine that anyone who hasnt heard back yet to get an offer.

    A few factors why I think this:
    - classes are smaller this year, because of the Olympics (and maybe because of the economy)
    - any admirable candidate will have long accepted an offer from a different bank
    - most of the spots were probably already filled with people on fast track, so the regular interviews had only a few spots to begin with

    Sorry, for everyone who doesnt have anything this summer.
    You will find something eventually. I would never be invited to a GS interview, and yet I managed to get an internship at one of the bigger banks. So keep your head up.
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    Everyone still waiting?
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    (Original post by seekingalpha)
    Everyone still waiting?
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    yep. have you heard anything from HR lately ? I've had no news for over 3 weeks..
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    (Original post by nicker_)
    yep. have you heard anything from HR lately ? I've had no news for over 3 weeks..
    give them a ring
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    I think they're full already...
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    (Original post by seekingalpha)
    I think they're full already...
    you got an offer?
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    as a med student could I apply?
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    Hello, I was just curious what universities you have all been to in order to be accepted for Goldman Sachs


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Updated: February 4, 2015
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