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Are their any Khmer people in the UK??

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    Just wondered if their was any Khmer people here
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    it's nice to see this thread. i also looking for khmer in uk to make friend since i was the only 1 in my area.
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    Hi 'iamvanda',

    I am actually from Manchester, UK, however I have lived in Cambodia for three years. My fiance is Khmer and I am actually currently in Cambodia right now. I return back on the 18th Sept to begin my studies. Where abouts do you live in England? I posted this thread because after living in Cambodia for so long, being around Khmer friends and speaking Khmer regularly, I wondered if there was any chance of meeting Khmer people in the UK. It would be great to have a Khmer friend in the UK!!


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Updated: September 3, 2012
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