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AS/A Level Results Day March 8th Megathread

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    (Original post by nm786)
    very good results,
    i'm struggling with edexcel gce maths, any tips mate?

    I doubt I'll be able to give useful advice , but I found doing questions from the textbook really useful (more so than past papers), so maybe do more of that? If there are any specific problems I can try and help?

    How did you do?
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    Does anyone else spend practically more time analysing table after table of unit grade boundaries, cash-in grade boundaries, mark schemes and examiner reports than the actual revision?
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    I have a question, I got 92UMS for Economics Unit 1 (Edexcel) - but i was wondering if it is worth getting a remark to see if the marks go up at all.

    What do you think i should do? - Don't get me wrong, i am over the moon about getting a high grade and i don't want to come across as inconsiderate.

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    (Original post by hassi94)
    Yeah that's right (though while it doesn't have to include both FP2 and FP3 - it does in my case). I got 100 in D2 last June which puts me at an average of 90.333... (I know I'm a bit jammy haha). Thanks
    Oh ok, so its three "A2" modules at 90% including at least one of fp2 and fp3? Guess its time to dig out the old stats book and resit S2 i did last june .
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    (Original post by Mocking_bird)
    A's in both
    88 ums for bio, and 92 ums for chem.
    Well done.
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    (Original post by LexxieK)
    Managed to get 87/90 in F334 so I am happy. I hope all my fellow OCR Salters friends got what they wanted/needed xx
    well done!! I don't know what happened at all I got 57/90, worse than my mock result.

    I understood all the topics too, its just the way the questions were worded, really threw me off. It was a nasty paper, I dont know many people that got an A in it!!
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    biology unit 4 - D
    Sociology unit 4 - C

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    Question: if you re-sit a unit and get worse, do you always keep the higher (i.e. original) mark?
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    (Original post by micky_usa)
    well done on your results! Can i ask what you got at AS to get predicted all A* ?
    yeh sure in physics i got 287/300, in biology 275/300 and chem 246/300
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    english - B
    psycho - C

    english - what?? i was predicted a frickin E... what?!?!?! :O

    psycho - greeeaaaat. there goes my idea of getting an A....
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    WJEC Chemistry - 100/120 A
    WJEC Physics - 95/120 B
    OCR Biology - 75/90 A

    Very pleased, it gave my an clear indication to where I need to go next. Congrats everyone!
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    (Original post by Lakhvir.Singh)
    I think everyone hates me now How did it go? :hugs:

    Hello! It went good and bad lol :/ I got AABCE :cry2: I'll send you a proper pm soon explaining properly haha. How did you do?
    That's good Lakhvir! Ah I will tell you when you PM me.
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    EDEX Gov/Pol Unit 1 - 70/100 B (resitting as I want a secure B)
    AQA Sociology Unit 1 - 70/80 A
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    (Original post by Tullia)
    Well done.
    How did you do? 100ums in biology im guessing? Haha
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    (Original post by Onee-chan)

    I doubt I'll be able to give useful advice , but I found doing questions from the textbook really useful (more so than past papers), so maybe do more of that? If there are any specific problems I can try and help?

    How did you do?
    thanks for the help,
    lol, i got:
    edexcel C1-c
    ocr economics-d
    aqa psychology-e

    so angry over my results over myself, i revised so hard for them too,
    i'm gonna have to retake all of these in summer. :sigh::unimpressed:
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    (Original post by britchick)
    Question: if you re-sit a unit and get worse, do you always keep the higher (i.e. original) mark?
    I think you get the better mark, it's only the remark that you can get your marks down.
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    English - C (expected a B)
    Biol4 - D (expected B or higher)
    **** **** day.
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    I got 90/100 in C4 :confused: and 100/100 in D1 - and some GCSE results.
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    I'm in Year 11 and sat C1 Maths early and got an A (97/100 UMS)! Over the moon ^^
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    who has done OCR salters f334 - I got a B and no one my in sixth form got an A - i got the highest mark I was just wondering what other people got?

    I also got a B in f215 bio which i was happy with


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