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AS/A Level Results Day March 8th Megathread

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    (Original post by whatever_x)
    You never know though, you could always surprise yourself like you did with Psychology !!
    I hope I do!! Don't want to be doing resits of resits :eek:
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    Some A's please :sexface:
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    Hey guys

    I'm terrified for my unit 1 Biology OCR (F211) exam. It was just stupid tbh :/
    I also did AQA Psychology A unit 1 which went quite good


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    Looking foward to this day, hopefully we all did as well as we hope we did as HARD WORK DOES PAY OFF

    What grades do you guys think you'll achieve?
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    Not very confident about my M1 resit :l
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    (Original post by wcp100)
    Horrendous. I won't we getting what I wanted.

    Are you Doing AS or A2's??
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    resat geog1 got geog2 and politics unit 3 coming up i think its going to be a complete cluster****:facepalm:
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    All mine are done, I was aiming for AAC in Maths, Psychology and Economics I reckon I got BBE lol, probably gonna have to retake all 3, fun times.
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    I thought that results day would be at the end of March. I think I'll go home afterwards
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    (Original post by TheOneQuestionGuy)

    Are you Doing AS or A2's??
    AS. You?
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    Day after my 18th....lml
    i'll probably drink myself out of depression
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    (Original post by Preetinder)
    I hope I do!! Don't want to be doing resits of resits :eek:
    Oh god same!!!
    That'd be horrible
    I'm aiming to have no resits in the summer, but somehow I doubt that'll happen :erm:
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    Unit 2 chemistry resit went ok I think. I hope LOL :')

    Omg, english lit resit was APPALLING. But at least I got a B the first time round, so it won't be too much of an epic fail when I get an ungraded :k

    Just biology and chemistry next week now. I'm feeling fairly confident about biology and I guess unit 4 chemistry seems the nicest one so far, but I think that's only because we have an amazing teacher. I'm on an A in biology and I'm praying that with my chemistry resit and feeling ok about this exam I can push it up to an A.
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    (Original post by wcp100)
    AS. You?
    AS level too.
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    (Original post by Moiraclaire)
    do unis find out on march 8th, the result of our January A2 exams ?
    They can only find out if you are cashing in as you have completed the A level.
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    Just had 2 Psychology exams (one was a retake) and still got Religious Ethics to go next Wednesday. I think I have failed Psychology but I will hopefully get an A in RE.
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    20th Jan - Edexcel Religious Studies Unit 2 "Investigations" anyone?
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    I had my unit 2 Education resit yesterday. Not feeling not confident.

    I have 2 more exams on Monday.
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    results are out on the 8th of March? that's pretty quick. I haven't taken any papers, but I'll have one on the 30th of Jan. FP1! jeng jeng jeng

    congrats on finishing your papers and best of luck for the future papers everyone!
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    Sitting the final modules for my A-level maths an fmaths. Hoping for A*A*, but will probably get A*A or A*B.

    Still got M3 and D1 to go.


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Updated: March 7, 2013
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