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BA Philosophy at Birkbeck - Distance learning

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    I am interested in the BA Philosophy course at Birkbeck - anybody out there with current or past experiences to share?

    I have come across a fair amount of criticism for University of London's External program, and am curious to see if it applies to the courses done through Birkbeck too...


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    Why do you want to do a distance learning course? I was researching it too but decided against it, as it would be too difficult to teach myself.
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    Distance because I'm in India! Also, I have a stable career which mercifully allows me to control my time ( in big chunks - I'm a cinematographer ) and therefore, should I so choose, allows me to pursue another career/hobby/discipline. I do choose indeed, and have always found philosophical inquiry inspiring ( I majored in Physics in college - crashed and burned, but that's another story ). So, while I definitely find the course material daunting, that is precisely the challenge that I feel I need. Also, since the effort is purely for personal improvement, I do not see it as a risk or an as investment. Perhaps I should do the diploma before committing to a BA, but then as a mature student I am loathe to lose time, even if only for one course... Why did you decide against distance learning?
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    I'm doing the BA in Philosophy so feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

    Btw, here's the facebook page of the programme:


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Updated: April 30, 2012
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